Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Week ahead, 8/9-8/15

Tomorrow morning, after you wake up from the delicious post-party slumber you fell into following your time at Arty Party, you will eventually think something along the lines of "Fuck, today's Sunday. Weekend's almost over. What am I going to do next week to make the working portion of life a bit more tolerable?"

Something like that, anyway.

And you will say, "Ahh, self, don't worry about it. We'll just check out CB's The Week Ahead post and see what sort of shizzle we can get into the next few days.

Which brings us to this point in the post. Hello. Welcome. Good morning. I hope you had a good time last night. I'm sure I did.

As usual, summertime in Cleveland brings us mucho awesomeness. Summer itself might be winding down, but the excitement definitely is not. Here's the blow-by-blow for this coming week.

Sunday, August 9
- In addition to the weekly tradition of the Beachland Brunch, you can supplement an all-east side afternoon by catching the amazing film Tulpan at the CIA Cinematheque and visiting the Cedar-Fairmount Fest, which is, uh, right at Cedar-Fairmount.

Monday, August 10 - Today is your day off. You are going to need it - check out the rest of the week below.

Tuesday, August 11
- CB's show of the week tonight at the Beachland. For me the draw is Trouble Books, but the rest of the lineup (opener Brian Straw and headliner Good Morning Valentine) is solid, too.

Wednesday, August 12 - I heard pretty cool things about the last Art on Tap event at the Museum of Art, and fortunately for those of us that didn't go or didn't know last time, there's another one this Wednesday from 530-9. Think beverages and young professionals (yeah, I know, but at least the kind that prefer checking out museums to hanging out in the Warehouse District). This one (the second of three events this year) features a not-terribly difficult scavenger hunt for the nudes in the museum's collection. On second thought, then, perhaps the Warehouse District dudes will show up. Let's keep the nude part between us.

Thursday, August 13 - There is a free (ahem, FREE) Lawton Bros. show at Blue Arrow Records. Week after week, Blue Arrow Pete & Debbie are giving us cooler and cooler reasons to come into their already bad-ass little shop. Moreover, prior to the headlining act, Kid Flamingo (aka I Rock Bill) will DJ and Prisoners will play a set. This show is just the latest - check it (and them) out!

Friday, August 14 - So much going on this Friday (as per usual). Probably top of the list is the Tremont Art Walk. There's a promising exhibit opening at Asterisk to anchor your trip to the near west side, as well as a couple other cool events. Noon is playing a gig at Heavenly Hardware at 7 PM and the Brandt Gallery is celebrating the release of Hotel Poem, a new photographic book about Cleveland poets, while local comic artist and author Derf will be across the street signing books at Visible Voice.

Saturday, August 15 - The Cedar-Lee's cult film series gets even awesomer than usual with this weekend's screening of ... The Lost Boys. I fucking love that movie. During the day, check out Great Lakes Brewery's Burning River Fest OR the puppy love fundraiser at Happy Dog featuring performances by Coffinberry, Uno Lady, and Mother Country Madmen - proceeds benefit a number of local animal rescue shelters. Click here for more information.

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:

- 8/16 - last day to catch MOCA's summer exhibits
- 8/16 - Leia Alligator DJs the Beachland Brunch
- 8/16 - Great Lakes Brewing Company's Rescue Rave at the Gateway Animal Clinic
- 8/19 - These United States @ Beachland
- 8/20 - Two Cow Garage @ Beachland
- 8/21 - Drug Rug & Afternoon Naps @ Beachland
- 8/21 - Gin Blossoms & Tonic @ Cain Park
- 8/22 - Cedar-Lee Rock the Block Fest
- 8/22 - Fiesta of the Tequila Cactus @ Beachland, including performances by Founding Fathers, Mystery of Two, Uno Lady, Beardo Bandini, and Mosquito Bandito.

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