Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland - Animal Rescue Fundraisers and Cool Film - August 15th edition

I'm off to do some volunteering for the local greyhound rescue organization this morning (if you can call playing in the pool with puppies for a few hours "volunteer work") and then back home to continue working on some big boy job deadlines (which, incidentally, is why CB has failed to post much this week, including missing installments of the Brown's Update and Album of the Week posts).

However, there are some low key events coming up this evening I have a hopeful eye (i.e., hopeful I get enough work done to justify going to) that you might find interesting, too.

As I've mentioned before, tonight The Mutt Hutt is sponsoring the Rescue Rave Rock Show Benefit tonight at the Happy Dog on W 58th & Detroit Avenue. The show features performances by Uno Lady, Mother Country Madman and Coffinberry, with proceeds going to local animal rescue and shelter efforts. (And don't forget - Sunday afternoon is the Great Lakes Brewery Rescue Rave Dog-Gone-Home party - see more info about all Rescue Rave-related stuff here.)

If sitting in a cool movie theater is more your speed this evening (and it may well be mine), here are a few opportunities to see some interesting films.

- Tony Manero - You never know how the mind changes throughout the day, but for now, Tony Manero is my top choice for this evening's viewing enjoyment. Showing at the CIA Cinematheque at 7:10, the Chilean film tells the story of a Saturday Night Fever-obsessed serial killer, set to the backdrop of Pinochet's despotic regime. Sounds awesome, right? (Note: the trailer below does not have sub-titles, but the full-length film shown at the Cinematheque does, so no worries about not being able to follow along. And, besides, Travolta is universal.

- Dog Eat Dog (Perro Come Perro) - I went and saw this monster of a movie at the Cedar-Lee last night and really dug it (despite being literally the only one in the theater for the last 45 minutes of it). The story of a pair of low-level Colombian cartel thugs (one in trouble for whacking the boss of bosses godson, the other for stealing his money) and a whole lot of overlapping, think Tarantino in Spanish, with the same style and amount of violence but minus the idiosyncratic humor (and plus a voodoo sub-theme!). Not for those who have a problem with violence, but if you are ok with it, the film has beautiful cinematography and provides an interesting and rare perspective on the Latin American drug trade. If you've seen the Italian film Il Divo, it reminds me a lot of that, but with less politics and more grit. Plus, there are only two showings left - one tonight at midnight and the last tomorrow evening at 9:30 PM.

- The Lost Boys - Unlike the previous two, this is not recent Latino art film; this is 80s vintage Hollywood heartthrob vampire schlock. Playing as part of the ever-awesome Cedar-Lee cult film series, this one shows there tonight at 9:30 and midnight.

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