Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland - August 13th edition

Before I get to the announcements, I have to admit, I ripped the images below and the inspiration for the post from I Rock Bill. I don't think Bill will get mad, since I'm not taking credit for a review or anything, but simply advertising an event. Regardless, if you don't already read I Rock Cleveland, you really ought to - he's got a better read on the rock scene in this town than anyone else writing regularly and his ability to whittle down an album to its essence and do so in a pithy way is a skill of which I'm quite jealous. So check him out from now on here.

On to the business, wherein the stolen text and images come into play:

First up, at Blue Arrow Records, is a FREE show by The Lawson Brothers and Prisoners, with some DJ action courtesy of Kid Flamingo (aka the aforementioned I Rock Bill). The get down gets down about 7 PM, and there will be bevvies and apps for those of you interesting in gnoshing and guzzling your way through the set.

Afterward, walk a mere few dozen feet down the block to the Beachland Tavern, where for only $5 you get a four-band bill, headlined by the always impressive This Moment In Black History, and also featuring Ghandi SS, Methodist, and All Dinosaurs. (Check out the John G promo poster below. Sweet, huh?)

Finally, to remind you again of other awesomeness happening in that very same hood tomorrow night, be sure to check out Heelsplitter and three other bands, this time for only $3! Waterloo Road - making the recession a whole lot more awesome.

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