Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Week ahead, 8/16-8/22

This has been some week. Lots of frantic grown up work going on, so little blog fun-time posting. Fear not, though - I'm sure professional slacking will return soon and you'll remove me from your google feed out of frustration with my posting obnoxiousness.

Right now, I'm sitting here with a smile and a sunburn, after a great day "volunteering" at the Greyhound Adoption of Ohio organization's Canine Fun Days event. (I have volunteering in quotes because I don't know if I can honestly take credit for public service when it involved lounging in a pool and swimming with awesome dogs.) For those of you that are dog lovers, this was a super cool event. I'd not been before, but if you have some free time tomorrow and want to bring your pet to doggie utopia, it is going down at the Metroparks Polo Fields in Moreland Hills again tomorrow. Click here for more information.

If you aren't a dog person or Sunday is already booked, read on for the rest of the coming week's highlights ...

Sunday, 8/16 - Possibly the best brunch DJ event in history tomorrow, as CB fave Leia Alligator takes over the turntables at the Beachland. Expect dinosaurs, alligators, great pop, lots of laughs, and delicious munchies. See you there!

Monday, 8/17 - 3rd Monday at Cleveland Cinemas! You already know what that's about, and if you don't, find out!

Tuesday, 8/18 - Um. TBA, I guess?

Wednesday, 8/19
- These United States are at The Beachland Ballroom. Stay tuned to this website during the week for some more interesting These United States info!

Thursday, 8/20 - Two Cow Garage will be bringing their show to the Beachland, but the smart money tonight is on the CIA Cinematheque's screening of The Pleasure of Being Robbed.

Friday, 8/21 - If 90s alt-rock was your jam back in the day (or still happens to be), hit up Cain Park in Cleveland Heights for the big Gin Blossoms/Tonic show. Otherwise, if you are an indie popster, join me at the Drug Rug/Afternoon Naps show at the Beachland Tavern.

Saturday, 8/22 - A bunch of good stuff going on, but the top nod has to go to the Fiesta of the Tequila Cactus event at the Beachland. Think Mexican food, tequila flights, and some good local rock and roll courtesy of Founding Fathers, Mystery of Two, Uno Lady, Beardo Bandini, and Mosquito Bandito.

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:

- 8/23 - Cale Parks at the B-side Lounge
- 8/23 - Shares YP Bingo Fundraiser at Prosperity
- Gringo Star at Beachland
- 8/26 - Rural Alberta Advantage and Unsparing Sea at Beachland
- 8/28 - Cracker at Beachland
- 8/28 - Mallorie Freeman opening at William Rupnik Gallery
- 8/29 - DEVOtional at Beachland

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