Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CB's Browns Watch - First Week of Training Camp edition

It is here. The pads are on and we finally have some Browns action, beyond just conversation and speculation, to observe. I'm so happy about this.

Camp's only been going on for a few days so far, so you won't be surprised to hear that there isn't a lot of big or substantive news to report.

Still, there are some things worth mentioning. For starters, the team finally signed the last remaining draftee, WR Brian Robiskie, which is good, as they also put Braylon on a non-football injury list.

The rumors about Jamal Lewis's durability returned, but fortunately they coincided with a pretty incredible start to camp by rookie James Davis. Also, I don't know how this escaped my attention, but Lewis and Davis actually went to the same Atlanta-area high school (where Davis broke all Lewis's records)!

In the area of non-news, the QB derby is still up for grabs, with neither my man D.A. or RWQ out-playing the other in any serious way. In fact, early reports seem to indicate they've both be equally unimpressive. Two things we do know (apparently): the Browns won't be trading either one NOR will they be platooning. One'll ride the bench, one'll try to keep his starting job throughout the season.

As for standout performances, in addition to Davis, I've read and heard promising things so far about a solid handful of players, including Lance Leggett, Floyd Womack, Gerard Lawson, Alex Mack, and Paul Hubbard.

Finally, perhaps the best omen we can look to is the surprise visit by defensive coordinator legend Buddy Ryan, originator of the 46 Zone and head monster of the infamous Bears Monsters of the Midway defensive unit in the 80s.

Hopefully, this time next week we'll have some more solid announcements and analysis to chew on. Till then ...

Go Browns!

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