Monday, August 10, 2009

Concert Announcement!

While everyone else is probably ga-ga over the fact that Sufjan Stevens will be playing the Beachland this fall, here's an even better announcement:

This Friday, Heelsplitter will be headlining a set at the Beachland.

Some of you might be increduously asking why this is better. Well, I have two reasons:

One, Sufjan is waaaaaay over-rated and, well, boring and lame. He's like the Dave Eggers of indie rock - folks who are smarter and ought to know better still list him in their facebook favorite music list and it makes me sad.

Two, and much more important than point one, Heelsplitter is great. I know 2/3 of the band and they are super good Cleveland folk. Actually, that describes the music in a pretty apt way, too. Though their own myspace slogan - "music that is made from beer" - is pretty good, as well.

So save your money and preserve your personal space and check out the Splitter this Friday.

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