Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland (8/26)

Tonight, if you play your cards right, you can get drunk, see an awesome show, and perform a public service.

Sound like a good idea? Yeah? OK. Read on.

From 5-9 PM is the Mutt Hutt's Humpday Celebrity Bartending Happy Hour at the Garage Bar.

I'll be honest - The Garage Bar is probably #3 on the list of places in this town you ordinarily won't catch me dead in, but for this event I'll sacrifice my dignity. And if I'm willing to do that, you totally should be. (BURN!) So, anyway, come join me and support the Secondhand Mutts and the Berea Animal Rescue shelters tonight as some well-known celebrities pour some drinks to benefit homeless pets. The spirit of animal rescue is a powerful one. It is all about people coming together to give their time, money, expertise and love of animals to help make a difference. They work tirelessly to give a voice to those who have none.

This event is particularly noteworthy because fun loving celebrities from all walks of service are coming together and donating their 'bartending' skills and their tips - to help give that voice. The more people who come down to Hump Day Celebrity Bartending, the more help for these two special rescues and their many animals. Grab a leash, your best friend, and come on down to watch the bartending wizardry!
As many as 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year, and half of those animals are euthanized because homes cannot be found for them. Both Berea ARF and Second Hand Mutts are no-time-limit shelters and rescues, finding homes – however long it takes – for the many homeless animals that come to them.
To help raise funds to help them continue this important work, local celebrities Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman, Q104 Wilde and Fee radio personalities Rebecca Wilde and Glenn Anderson, veterinarian extraordinaire Dr. Bob Litkovitz, Burning River Roller Girl Ursula Allison, Cleveland television personality Eileen McShea, Cleveland Plain Dealer sports writer Bud Shaw and Cleveland Firefighter Joe Sheffey will be serving up the drinks and specialty shots. Celebrities' tips and a portion of all drink sales will support ARF and Second Hand Mutts. Light appetizers will be served and you can bring your friendly, leashed dog.

Afterwards, head east to the Beachland Ballroom and check out an excellent indie rock show, featuring local openers Unsparing Sea and Canadian headliners The Rural Alberta Advantage. If it wasn't for the Cracker gig this Friday, this would TOTALLY be my show of the week. Be there or be square (or any other totally uncool geometric shape.


Cookbook said...

I sort of want to know what the #1 and #2 places in town you wouldn't be caught dead in are.

CB said...

Greenhouse Tavern and Lava Lounge.

Fortunately for both of those places, there are no shortage of Warehouse District d-bags willing to commute to E 4th and Tremont, respectively, and keep them afloat.

CB said...

OK, I take at least one of those
"not caught dead in" claims back. I recently learned some very cool things about Lava Lounge, so next time I'm over in Tremont, I'm gonna give the place a shot.

Can't hate too strongly on a place that goes to such lengths to support the arts in this city, right?