Thursday, June 4, 2009

weekend of art

A guy in town I know likes to pop off about how the gallery scene is dead around Cleveland, as if his grand new plan will save everything. (Ironically, this same guy got mad when another dude around town said generally the same thing, minus the grandiose self-delusion about his business plan. And, of course, Dude #1 is the kind of guy that never actually goes anywhere, but just knows that he is right about this. Whatever.) Anyway, if you need any evidence that both these guys are ill-informed, this weekend is a good place to start. Tomorrow night, there are three (THREE!) gallery events worth your time.

Option 1: American Youth photography exhibition and book launch, featuring the work of Greg Ruffing, at Low Life.

Friday, 6-9 PM

Bonus: Just down the block, Music Saves has their monthly Alley Cat party the same night, featuring a perfomance by Jukebox Value at 7:15. For free. Though bringing your own beer would be a good idea.

Option 2: A Countdown to Awesome show, featuring the work of Ales BASK Hotomsky at William Rupnik.

Friday, 7-10 PM

Bonus: Check out the Rupnik after-party at Lava Lounge, starting at about 10 PM.

Option 3: The Drawing Show, featuring the work of way too many talented folks to list here, at Asterisk Gallery.

Friday, 7-10 PM

Bonus: Not only can you check out an awesome installation that manages to tie together serial killers and American icons, but on Saturday night, a terrific Olympics-style draw-off will take place at the same place!

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