Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Weekly Feature: Browns Blog

Hello folks. Time to introduce another weekly feature. This one will be a Browns-centered blog, featuring the ruminations and concerns of your's truly, CB.

I think Tuesday is the best day of the week to do this. Once the season gets started, it'll be a couple days after most games, which will allow us to more comprehensively digest what happened during the last game, and switch gears to focus on the next one.

Right now, with rookies reporting in less than a month and training camp commencing at the tail end of July, we only have a bunch of speculation to offer. We'll get to that, but before we do, there are a couple things I'm gonna need your help on.

1) We need a better name for this feature. Thanks to google, I quickly realized all the obvious choices were already taken (i.e, Dawg Blawg, Blawg Pound, Brown's Blawg, etc.). Any suggestions? I really hope you guys have suggestions.

2) We need to think about a Cleveland Bachelor favorite player. Right now, a quick glance at the roster suggests a few contenders:
- Robert Royal (TE - LSU) - The Cleveland Bachelor spent a wonderful semester in college at LSU and has been loyal ever since. In the absence of any Aggies on the roster, Royal has my automatic alumni love.
- Mike Adams (DB, Delaware) - I just love that the dude went to Delaware.
- Beau Bell (LB, UNLV) - I was stoked when the Browns got this guy and still am.
- Abram Elam (DB, Kent State) - He's one of only two players from NEO schools and Josh Cribbs is already everyone else's favorite.
- Derek Anderson (QB, Oregon State) - I just love the dude's arm and Brady is a Republican.

These are only front-runners of course, and it is still WAY early, but I believe it is important to identify a guy or two early on and stick with it. If you have other suggestions, comment away, but keep in mind Brady is absolutely never gonna be this blog's player.

3) What kind of focus do you want this to have? I'm thinking of trying to get some player and coach Q&As down the road, but beyond that I just plan to do some weekly commentary. Any suggestions will be gladly accepted, though.

Alright - enough housekeeping for now. As this is the inaugural post, I don't have a lot to say, but I do have a few key points.

A) I'm excited about this year, especially since I heard about the Defensive Coordinator Ryan's plans to include some 46 Zone action. I grew up in Illinois, in a south Chicago suburb, and one of my cherished childhood memories is when Da Bears won Super Bowl XX. As most of you know, that year's Bears squad also had a Defensive Coordinator with the surname Ryan. Incidentally, that Ryan is our new Ryan's pop. I think this is a good omen.

B) I'm excited about Mangenius. Sure they guy had some troubles the last season or two, but that's a good thing. You gotta taste a little turf to truly be great, and if he'd only ever been the celebrated coaching phenom, he'd never have learned. I bet Coach Mangini took a lot of lessons from those hard times and will approach the change of scenery with those lessons already built in to his perspective.

C) I pick the Browns to go 9-7 this year, maybe 10-6, and have a Cinderella shot at one of the wild cards.


Kelly and José said...

Mike Adams is not a good player regardless of what college he went to. It is because we have someone like him play safety that our secondary is so weak

CB said...

You know nothing about football. Adams is a solid backup that hits like a truck and has as good field awareness as anyone else in the division. He only started 5 games last year, yet still snagged 2 picks and several mega-hits that resulted in dropped balls.