Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hip Hop and the House of Blues

You gotta give the talent buyers at the House of Blues credit for one thing: they are bringing some solid hip hop shows to town this summer. Just about every month, there is at least one BIG, sure-fire hot show to see.

Later this month, on June 30, The Roots are gracing the stage, with Philly's finest hitting Clevo fairly early in a summer-long North America hop-scotch tour. I've seen these guys at mega-festivals a time or two, and they always bring it. However, as anyone who has gone to such festivals can attest, something is lost in all the scope and grandeur. The last thing I'd call the main House of Blues room is intimate, but compared to such festivals, it sure will be. I'm definitely gonna be there for the show.

Next month, on July 17, The Great Hangover Tour brings local hero Kid Cudi and super-hyped new man on the stage Asher Roth to town. I haven't made up my mind about Roth yet, but I (like everyone else with ears) really dug Kid Cudi's "Day 'n' Nite" single earlier this spring. Regardless, I imagine this might be the House of Blues' show of the summer, so if you like high-energy crowds, this is where you should find yourself that night.

Finally, in August, just before the kids go back to school, the professors of hip hop, De La Soul, are in town on their Twenty Years High and Rising tour. I've been name-dropping this group since I was nineteen, but never have managed to catch them live. I can't imagine this type of tour will go down all that many more times, so I'll definitely be in the crowd on August 25th.

As always, plan on dinner at the HOB restaurant (the corn bread is delish) - not only is the grub great, but you'll get special access into the room before the rest of the masses flood the zone.


Avenue Cleveland said...

I am so hyped for the Roots and De La! Being a fan of "real" hip-hop these groups fuel that not-so-easy to find, need for me. For real.

Being a "Black" guy my musical taste are all over the place, however. Nu - Metal, Hip - Hop, Bubblegum etc, so I'd do any show if it's gonna be fun and the music fits the atmosphere these two succeed at that. I also agree intimacy isn't the HOB main foray but some shows/acts do provide it as you can, beforehand, assume the demeanor of the crowd that will probably attend.

I'll be at these summer hip-hop love affairs too! All three if I can but definitely The Roots (Great live performers!!! And ?uest Love often does gigs at the Grog, BTW. I love the Grog and her stepsister the B-Sides.) and De La.

I still play Bitties in the Bk Lounge and Hey Love from "DeLaSoul is Dead" but with funny looks in an era where "Two-Steppin'" "Stanky Leg" and "Gucci- Mane" dominate the scene. Let's not even speak on the BEEEOITCH lore.

Great post man, great post! Encourage your fan base to check these groups out! Especially the Roots if they love "Live" music.

CB said...

Thanks man - I dig your approach!