Friday, June 26, 2009

1 More Day!

In honor of the fact that there is only one more day until the CLEVELAND BACHELOR/LOW LIFE GALLERY THIS IS CLEVELAND (ALL THE STUFF I SEE) CLOSING PARTY, I am going to expand this announcement from the usual beseeching "come to my party, please" message and instead give a thorough plug to the entire day of events on Waterloo Road in exactly .... 1 MORE DAY!

Plan to get to the street bright and early at noon to catch the beginning of the Waterloo Arts Fest. As I've said elsewhere on this blog, last year's Waterloo event was my favorite of the year, and this year I have even higher expectations. Lots and lots of cool stuff going down. Roger at Only Music Left has a pretty good run-down of the day's musical offerings, and the festival website itself is pretty informative, so I'll do what I do best (or like to think I do best) and tell yo how I think you should spend your time while you are there. Which, of course, is another way of saying that these are the things I plan to do. (Note: If the suggestions below do not entirely sound awesome to you, FEAR NOT, for there are many, many other options. See this page for more info on performances and this one here for more info on various community-related opportunities, including a very cool historical walking tour with Councilman Polensek and State Rep Yuko mid-afternoon.)

Actually, this is gonna be pretty easy to do, because the festival organizers did a really good job of getting a solid music line-up (especially considering what a GREAT job Danielle at Room Service did getting bands to play the Made in the 216 event, which, incidentally, begins today at 4 PM).

My best advice is to start the day with a walk around the premises to familiarize yourself with the terrain, so you'll be able to navigate the following moves with a deftness and speed that minimizes wasted precious minutes. After that, grab a seat at the Beachland Tavern, tell your companion that it is 5 o'clock somewhere, and order that first beer while you are checking out The Lighthouse and the Whaler. They play from 12:45-1:30. After that, take a quick 30 minute break to wander about the artist booths or check out some street theater by Upstage Players. But be back to the Beachland by 2, when Cleveland Bachelor favorites Arte Povera go on. Be there right at the start, cause you are gonna want to split a few minutes early to catch Heelsplitter down the block in the Waterloo 7 Sculpture Garden.

Heelsplitter plays from 2:30-3:15, which sets you up perfectly for a trip back to the Beachland, where you will be treated to the pop sounds of The Muttering Retreats. Long-time readers will remember how this band stole my heart with their Halloween performance when they covered Beck for a whole set. Their debut album is pretty damn good, too. Check them out from 3:15 till a few minutes before 4, when you'll want to be front and center for Leia Alligator's Picklefight Puppet Theater. Trust me, this is something you don't want to miss.

After Miss Alligator does her thing, wander down to the Blue Arrow building, where you will find an awesome photographic display of Cleveland imagery at Low Life and will be treated to the DJ stylings of Drive Time Radio with Kid Flamingo and the 185th Street Shuffle at Blue Arrow Records. Dig on their indie rock groove while you check out the awesome album cover floor until they finish up at 5:30. Then take another walk around the festival, making sure you purchase that one item you've kept coming back to and just don't know if you should get (hint: you should) before making your way back over to Blue Arrow records where you can try to snag a seat on the grand vintage sofa and listen to the soul pouring off the turntables, thanks to my very favorite DJ in town, Lawrence Daniel Caswell of the tremendous "No Ways Tired" show (Mondays 9-11) on WCSB, also known as the only thing that makes me turn the dial from Dan Moulthrop's show on WCPN. (No worries, Dan - you got me Tuesday through Thursday.)

After Lawrence has your booty moving, head down to the Beachland for the Arts Fest after-party. $5 there will get you a drink and some munchies and put some much appreciated cash in the coffers of Arts Collinwood, the non-profit that anchors Waterloo Road and is putting this blast of a festival on for us all. And don't just go for altruistic reasons - this after-party is gonna be great. DJs Chris Kulcsar and Tony Merritt are running the party, and these dudes rule. I've seen them together doing a couple different Beachland Brunch shows, including last week's Father's Day awesomeness, and they spin some great jams will making you laugh lots.

Once you've had your fun there, come on down to the, ahem, CLEVELAND BACHELOR/LOW LIFE THIS IS CLEVELAND (ALL THE STUFF I SEE) CLOSING PARTY, where Arte Povera will make a return to the stage, this time wearing their DJ hats, and the rest of us will be digging the sound and the tasty snacks I just procured at Costco. Seriously. We'll be down there till midnight or so, and if you still need more Waterloo action after that, Frank and Jason at the Waterloo Cafe will be hosting a late night cocktail party till 2 AM.

At that point, you will have reached your fun quotient of the day, and will want to go home for some rest. However, should you wake up the next morning showing symptoms of Waterloo Withdrawal, come back to the street for some brunch at the Beachland and see all the new friends you just made the day before. It'll be grand, and anyone who is anyone (and alive, not broke, and not otherwise engaged or sleeping) will be there. Hopefully you will be too!

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