Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Is Cleveland - All The Stuff I See

Tomorrow evening, the Cleveland Bachelor will be making his artistic debut. Along with almost 30 other folks, I was asked a while back to participate in a super cool event. A few dozen of us gathered one weekday eve at Low Life Gallery on Waterloo Road (down the block from the Beachland) and were each given a single 27-exposure disposable camera and told to document "our" Cleveland however we saw fit. The only rule was that we needed to turn the camera back into the gallery owner, Dave Desimone, within two weeks. This being an endeavor of artistic nature, the actual deadline ended up being about three weeks later, and some time after that, Desimone and a panel of experts determined each participant's best 16 photographs.

Tomorrow, for the first time since taking the photos, these photos will be unveiled, to gallery visitors and the photographers who took them.

I'll admit I'm very excited about this event. Now I can say, without lying, to folks who ask me if I'm also an artist upon meeting at a gallery event, "Yes." But more than that, I can see the civic visions of thirty other interesting and talented folks, including musicians, artists, and women and men about town. Below is an incomplete list, so if anyone has more names not listed here please list them in the comments or send me a note at

Heather Young
Marlee Brown
Steve Barrett
Leigh from Pink Eye
Genna P. from Messy Magazine
Justin V.
The Sign Guy
Jeff Koski
Miss "Carol" Firecracker
Bob Peck
Leah Stephanic
Dave Desimone
Leia from the Afternoon Naps
Chris from Grays Auction
Kustom Pink
Mallorie Freemen
Joshua Rex
Ryan from SGS
Rick Sans
John G.
Ray from the Helper T Cells
Ryann Guitar Anderson
Melanie from Music Saves
Bill Rupnik
Phoebe Marie

The opening party is tomorrow night and I hope as many of you that read this can make it as possible. If tomorrow is tough, this blog will be sponsoring a closing show/post-Waterloo Arts Fest after party on Saturday, June 27th, featuring free beer and a stellar performance by Arte Povera.

(Photo credit: Greg Ruffing, local photographer and blogger extraordinaire)

Note: there will be free beer tomorrow, too. And you are welcome (nay, encouraged!) to come to both nights. I'll be there both nights, for sure, and for the first (and probably last) time ever, won't be hitting you up to buy me a beer.

See you tomorrow (and/or the 27th)! Low Life is located at 16001 Waterloo Road in Cleveland and the opening will take place from 7 pm till about 11 pm. More details on the closing party will be posted here later in the month.


Kristen Marie said...

what a great idea. seriously, it sounds really amazing!

I don't think I will make it...but maybe I will be able to make it to the closing party. keep me updated :)

CB said...

That's a bummer. If I promise to stash some Beast Light for you, will you be sure to come to the closing?