Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Week ahead, 6/7-6/14

Once again, this week has been a great one to be living and digging Cleveland. I had so much fun doing so many different things. I've said it before and will probably say it many more times: I really love living in this city, especially as I've gotten a bit zen about the fact that on any given night I can't do all of the awesome stuff going down and just have to accept I'm only gonna hit one or two places.

This week I had a great brunch at Touch with some good pals, where we were able to observe the most competent waitress ever, who managed to hold down the fort as folks on the service staff kept mysteriously disappearing/quitting. Then I took an early-week drive to the Land of Lincoln where I not only rescued Smelly Ellie, but also got to spend some Q.T. with my old college buddies. I browsed my favorite used bookstore there and scored copies of almost a dozen cool books, ranging from a photo book of Civil War battlefields to long-sought volumes by Styron and Pynchon to supermarker schlock about vampires. I also visited the second-generation of what was once my favorite record store in the world and raided their bargain bins for a pair of old Grandaddy albums and the Akron/Family debut. After returning to Clevo, I took it easy for a bit as Smells readjusted to her home, then hung out in Tremont on Thursday with some friends, grabbing a nice dinner at Southside, which was preceded by even nicer drinks at VTR, and on Waterloo on Friday at the Greg Ruffing/American Youth show at Low Life and the Alley Cat party at Music Saves (featuring an awesome Thin Lizzy rendition by Jukebox Value). Yesterday was an errand day, though I did score some awesome pre-birthday stuff at Brigade on Coventry and checked out the very cool group drawing competition at Asterisk before having late night dinner with some cool pals last night.

And today, I'm celebrating birthday #31. Speaking of which, I promise to only be slightly offended if you send me my birthday gifts later this week. Late is better than never, and I'm always a gracious recipient of gifts. Just include a gift receipt so things don't have to get weird if I don't like what you got me. Cool? Thanks!

Other than buying me expensive and tasteful gifts, there are tons of other things for you to do this week.

Sunday, 6/7 - Today! Mostly you should spend a good chunk of time solemnly celebrating the anniversary of my birth, but after a while you should do some other stuff, too. For example, if you are on the east side, catch Martini Five-0 play at the Barking Spider at 6 pm, or if you are westernish, check out the Tremont Yard Sale going on all day today until 4 pm and then take your significant other for a couple's dinner at Momocho, something like 3 courses for $30. Something like that, anyway - phone first before you get there and find out I might've slightly fudged the facts.

Monday, 6/8 - Nothing for you. Use this day for mailing your packages to me.

Tuesday, 6/9
- Again, nothing. You can use this day to wring your hands nervously as you hope hope hope I like what you bought me.

Wednesday, 6/10 - Night o' Culture. Check out Mock Up On Mu at the Art Museum or an interesting poetry reading at Mac's Backs, before heading to the Beachland where you'll watch local heroes Whiskey Daredevils play a fun mid-bill set before sneaking over to the free metromix show where Coffinberry is headlining.

Thursday, 6/11 - Go see a movie! The Barefoot Contessa (1954, featuring Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner) is playing at the CIA Cinematheque, and if that doesn't sound good to you, check something out at the Cleveland Cinemas joint nearest you.

Friday, 6/12 - The single best thing going down this week: This Is Cleveland - All the Stuff I See opening at Low Life Gallery on Waterloo Road. Afterward, check out the show at the Beachland (The Pheobe Cates and Party of Helicopters) and grab a late bite to eat at the Waterloo Cafe.

Saturday, 6/13 - Check out the Art flea market at Mullen's in Lakewood, or the various literary offerings at Visible Voice, including a poetry reading at 7:30 featuring Diane Ferri and a book signing at 5 pm by David Berner.

Sunday, 6/14 - Check out a well-regarded new documentary, Handmade Nation, about the Indie Crafts movement playing in the afternoon at the Akron Art Museum. Use this as your excuse to grab burgers at Swensens, too.

Other stuff to keep your eye on later this month:

June 18 - Coventry Street Fest (1 of 2)
June 20 - The CMA Summer Solstice Unveiling Party and the Larchmere Porch Fest
June 26 - Day 1 of the Made in the 216 Event at Room Service in Detroit-Shoreway
June 27 - Waterloo Arts Fest during the day and the All Things Cleveland/Lowlife closing party at night
June 30 - Dr. Sketchy's Anti-art school at the Beachland Ballroom


CC said...

sadly, i have to work on friday night, but am sad i can't come and stab...i mean support you at the opening. i will definitely go see the exhibit though.

thatgirl said...

Parade the Circle is on Saturday 6/13 too... if you haven't gone, you should!

Kristen Marie said...

happy birthday buddy!