Sunday, June 14, 2009

Endangered Species sighting ... at Shoparooni

Ever since I started doing Shoparooni's annual Munny design contest last year, I've found myself paying more and more attention to the vinyl art toy scene, especially Kidrobot's Dunny series.

On Friday, when I stopped in as the Low Life This Is Cleveland opening was winding down, I saw a display of the coolest fucking Dunny line yet ... the endangered species series. Featuring custom designs by some of the most renowned artists in that game, this is a really neat product, and the limitations on store marketing (no advertising, no web sales) makes it even wilder. Perhaps because of that, Shoparooni has a ton of these left. I didn't get any then (stupid) and didn't try while I was over on Waterloo today (stupider) to have brunch at the Beachland because the shop was
in full yo-yo club swing, but if there are any left on Wednesday when I'm back in the neighborhood to see the Afternoon Naps show, I'm gonna load up. I guess the fact that I'm posting this now instead of waiting till after I score on Wednesday is the stupidest aspect of this of all, but oh well.

Anyway, if you are intrigued, stop by the shop or give them a call at 216.383.3633. In the meantime, here are some in-store photos of a few of the figures in this set.

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Bridget Callahan said...

You know what's dangerous? Getting into the plastic toy obsession cycle. I remember when I first discovered My Plastic Heart. I spent like 200 dollars in 2 days. Tragic :) Even more tragic is how I don't regret it at all.