Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cleveland Bachelor presents ...

Saturday, June 27th marks the first-ever Cleveland Bachelor-sponsored event, the Low Life Gallery closing party for the awesome This Is Cleveland (All the Stuff I See) exhibit. There'll be free beer, iconic and appropriate munchies (including soul tamales from Wilson's and pound cake from Cakes by Sweetwater), and some great jams by Arte Povera and a couple other guest DJs.

Check it out if you are free. The party will start picking up about the same time the Waterloo Arts Fest after-party at the Beachland starts winding down, so hit up both!

In the meantime, if you have any other iconic suggestions for the party, comment below.

See you on the 27th!

(Note: Thanks to John G. for the killer poster design!)


Kelly and José said...

We are there.

Avenue Cleveland said...

Don't know how you came across the Wilson's but honestly those are the best "when you're drunk" Tamales, floating around Cleveland period (maybe because there's no comp?).

Sounds kewl man can I take pics and post em? If not that's alrighty too I'll just link to your page! Gonna see what the schedule is looking like anyways.

CB said...

Hey man,

The photos at the actual Low Life exhibit are already at the gallery. You should check out the party, then do a similar thing and post online!