Saturday, November 7, 2009


Another week in the books. The highlight of the week was Election Day, which actually wasn't all that grand at CB HQ as we saw candidates and issues near and dear go down to ignorance and foolishness. Still, there is always the future - some day we will have a new councilman representing Collinwood, just not yet, and eventually we'll be able to deal constructively with the nonsense of Issue 2 and the semi-nonsense of Issue 3. But for now, I think we can take a few days to lick wounds and regain strength.

The other thing this week was notable for, at least for me, was that it was the week it seems the weather has taken that permanent turn into winter. From here on out, at least until May, skies will be gray, temps will be cold and colder, and sooner or later the snow shovels and boots will come out. It's been pretty cold in CB HQ, in part because of my reluctance to turn on the heat, but one can only layer on so many sweatshirts and blankets before giving in to reality. As always, my goal is just to make it one more month, so for now we hope to last until December. We shall see.

Finally, this coming week will be the last Ellie and I spend together as a gruesome twosome. On Friday the 13th, we'll be bringing home the newest addition to our family, Olivia née Punkin, a lovely one-year-old pug/beagle mix. I'm super excited for her to come home with us but also admittedly a bit nervous at how the pack integration will go. In the meantime, with the help of loyal friend Cookbook, I've been unpacking boxes that should've been unpacked in September and puppy-proofing my life a little bit at a time. Hopefully it gets done in time, because this time next week there'll be a triad running CB HQ: Smelly Ellie, Hurricane Olivia, and me.

Between now and then, during the period of wound-licking and puppy-proofing, we got plenty of stuff to do, including a couple of the most promising concert events of 2009. Check the week ahead out, in all its glory ...

Sunday, 11/8 - You want culture? You got culture. Here's a west-side/east-side two-fer for ya. Do what you to do begin your day (i.e., brunch, sleeping in, yard work, yoga, hair of the dog, whatev) and make sure you get it wound down by early afternoon. Then, for culture stop #1, check out the Theater Ninjas latest production, "A Proper Murder," presented in the bohemian vagabond climes of Tremont's Asterisk Gallery. "A Proper Murder" is the Cleveland troupe's interpretation of George Buchner's stage classic, "Woyzeck," and follows an impoverished soldier trying to scrape together a living for his family, who, upon his lover's infidelity, is driven over the brink into madness. Sound cool? I think so. If you do, too, you can get tickets here.

Stop #2 takes you on an east-side trek, though you'll be as near-east when you visit the CIA Cinematheque as you were near-west in Tremont. Screening at the Cinematheque is The Baader Meinhof Complex, a film that has been garnering critical swoons for its retelling of the rise and fall of the communist revolutionary cum terrorist organization, Red Army Faction. As I've said previously on this blog, I'm looking forward to this film more than any other this month, and perhaps the rest of the year!

Monday, 11/9 - tba

Tuesday, 11/10
- also tba

Wednesday, 11/11 - Veteran's Day. Hug your veteran. Tell them about CSU's top-notch and nationally acclaimed SERV program while you are at it.

After all the hugging and information giving, treat yourself to a concert-based mini-road trip. The weather is nice, the colors are still beautiful. Why not drive out to Oberlin to see Art Brut play the 'sco. One of my favorite albums from the first half of this year, Art Brut's recent Art Brut Vs Satan album garnered the CB Album of the Week nod back in July, before the album of the week feature was quietly retired. By all accounts, the only thing that beats the album is a live Art Brut performance, where you get to witness Eddie Argos and his unparalleled comic timing in person. I plan to go. Hell, I plan to make a night of it. Speaking of which, anyone have any hot tips on where to grab a bite out Oberlin way?

Art Brut on MUZU.

Thursday, 11/12 - Much like Wednesday, I have one thing to suggest, but I plan to do so strenuously. GO SEE EDWARD SHARPE & THE MAGNETIC ZEROS PLAY THE KENT FOLK FEST TONIGHT! That's right, all caps. Trust me, it merits it. If Art Brut's record was one of my favorite of the first half of this year, the debut Edward Sharpe release is one of my favorites of, well, ever.

You might already be familiar with the band due to their early September visit to Case Western or maybe from me plugging this post a handful of weeks ago, or perhaps because you've heard their simply perfect Johnny & June meets Ken Kesey and a tavern of hipsters love song, "Home." Or maybe you haven't heard of them. If so, remedy that quick. Preferably by driving down to Kent. The rest of the folk festival there is something of national renown, with talented and rising folkies traveling from all over the country to play it, and if you need even more to sweeten the pot, local awesomers Unsparing Sea will be holding down opening duties for the magnetic ones. Like Tuesday, I plan to make a holiday of this one, so, once again, anybody have any hot eating tips for Kent? Other than the taco places everybody mentions?

Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros


Friday, 11/13 - While my primary focus will be on bringing my brand new dog-ter home to live with Smelly Ellie and I forever and ever, there are at least two cool-ass things for you to do this auspicious eve. If you are into marking such events, the Cedar-Lee will be hosting a back-to-back screening of Friday the 13th Part 3 ... in 3D! And if you'd rather ward away the bad vibes of the unlucky calendar setting with some indie pop goodness, check out the Beachland Ballroom. Today is day one of the two-day International Pop Overthrow Festival and while both days are worth attending, this is the one where you'll really be pleased, seeing as how you get CB pals Afternoon Naps as the headliner (be sure to bring along a few extra bucks so that you can take home your very own copy of their AWESOME new album, Parade) and Bill Fox of The Mice fame as an opener, along with other acts including Living Stereo, Colin Gawel & the Lonely Bones, and Spy Radio.

However, if neither horror schlock nor indie pop strike your fancy - or you are one of those Lakewoodites deeply afraid of anything past East 40th, you can do a whole lot worse than checking out Dana Depew's latest curatorial masterpiece when Asterisk Gallery opens Frigidart, an exhibition described as "not art for refrigerator doors but fridge doors as art." The exhibit features work by some of the most clever and outside-the-box thinking artists in NEO, and will also showcase a live performance by the Flat Can Company and tasty, tasty beverages courtesy of everyone's favorite beer distributor, Jim from Pabst.

Saturday, 11/14 - The International Pop Overthrow Festival continues tonight at the Beachland with performances by Paranoid Lovesick, Jelly Bricks, Rainy Day Saints, Pale Hollow, The Deadbeat Poets, Triggers, and Terribly Empty Pockets. That's a lot of pop overthrowing for only $10. Just sayin'.

Other than that, I'm not sure. I'll be at the Janis Joplin Tribute concert at Playhouse Square. Jealous? Don't be - you can get tickets, too. Check out this link for more information.

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:
- 11/15 - Cleveland Surf Film Benefit @ Beachland
- 11/16 - Austin Ratner reading @ Temple-Tifereth Israel (Beachwood)
- 11/18 - Meat Puppets/Beaten Awake @ Grog Shop
- 11/19 - Stephen Kellog & the Sixers @ HOB Cambridge Room
- 11/19 - CSU Poetry Center Reading
- 11/19 - Neal Bascomb reading @ Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple (Beachwood)
- 11/19 - CIA Cinematheque Presents The General & Nights and Weekends @ Capitol Theatre (Detroit Shoreway)
- 11/20 - Dinosaur Jr @ Grog Shop
- 11/20 - Crispin Glover screens What Is It? and It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine. @ CIA Cinematheque
- 11/21 - Secondhand Mutt breakfast fundraiser @ Tremont Tap House
- 11/21 - Cleveland Grindhouse Film Fest @ Grog Shop


Bob Ignizio said...

Hope everything goes well with the new puppy. One other thing coming up that bears mentioning is that 'Black Dynamite' opens in Cleveland at the Cedar Lee on 11/13. From all accounts this is a fun homage to/parody of seventies blacksploitation films that's absolutely spot-on.

CB said...

Ahh ... good call Bob. I've heard some good things about that one, too. Thanks for mentioning it!