Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing ... Cleveland Bachelor's Show of the Month!

There are a lot of things I've been able to do with this blog that I've become pretty proud of, particularly the ongoing Proper Noun series and some of the CB Q/A interviews I've been able to do (including a couple coming up later this month with two of the filmmakers I most respect), but I don't know if anything gives me as much pleasure as the announcement I'm about to make ...

Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of local artist John G, particularly his amazing promo poster works, so you'll understand why I'm super geeked to announce the first in a new monthly series of John G/Cleveland Bachelor promo poster collaborations, soon to be known as the Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Month series.

A little background for you about the series itself. As you know, we have more than our share of awesome indie rock venues in Cleveland, but nothing warms my heart like the Beachland Ballroom. So, in a rare display of me playing nicely with others, I approached both John G and Cindy Barber of the Beachland Ballroom about establishing a series of promo posters for the gig I'm most excited about each month. Cindy is always a great and supportive sport, and so with her blessing, I chose the Evangelicals show on November 21st as our inaugural get-down and John created a pretty bad-ass character to make recurring appearances as the series moves on. Incidentally, for those of you wondering, that's a robo-professor with a penchant for junk food. Not sure about the inspiration there, but if you want to know what John G was thinking, check out his post here about the process of creating this particular poster.
This show promises to be ridiculously awesome, as Evangelicals have already plotted a couple of stellar records, 2006's So Gone (which garnered an amazing 8.1 score on Pitchfork) and 2008's The Evening Descends (that earned an even more impressive 8.3).

If that wasn't enough, the Oklahoman psych-soul-popsters will be preceded onstage by Florida's Holiday Shores, a band who caught a lot of buzz at the recent CMJ and has received some nice write-ups (like this one) for their recent full-length, Columbus'd the Whim.

Over the couple weeks between now and the 11/21 show, I'll be bringing you a little bit more information about the bands, whetting your appetite bit by bit until you can't help but show up at the Beachland that night. To get things started, check out this video of "Midnight Vignette" off of Evangelicals last album, The Evening Descends.

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