Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Celluloid Bachelor #4: Hush Arbors' "Coming Home"

Check out this video. I bet you'll wind up thinking something like, "This sounds like J Mascis produced something from the original Woodstuck Festival!" Right? Right?

Well, you are half right. J Mascis DID produce this track, which would obviously make the Woodstock dimension impossible. By my math, the guitar slayer would have only been three years old at the time of the hippie jam in New York. I guess that's possible, and Mascis is pretty awesome, but I don't think even he wouldv'e been able to pull that off.

Instead, the music you hear in this video comes from southern slacker folk rockers Hush Arbors (though Mascis himself sits in on mellotron). Hush Arbors released their sophomore record, Yankee Reality, earlier this year on Ecstatic Peace, and I can describe it in a single word: Fucking Brilliant. (Note: I don't count profanities.) You should buy it. For Real. In the meantime, you should wallow in the psych-dreamy genius of the song and its corresponding video. While the song's narrative is routed in forgotten highways of America wistfulness, the video pays a retro modern homage to the psychadelic (though more naturalistic) era that clearly inspires bandmates Keith Wood and Leon Dufficy.

In particular, I am in love with the whole sheet in front of projector image gimmick that the fellas use to such quirky effect. Dig it.

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