Sunday, November 22, 2009

The week ahead: 11/22-11/28 (Thanksgiving edition)

Even though the weather continues to (thankfully! happily!) elude my expectations, things are starting their inevitable winter-time slow down anyway. This week is a pretty good example of that (though perhaps the holiday plays a role in the dearth of cool going down the next 7 days, as well). I guess if we gotta look for a silver lining in this, it could be the fact that this post won't take you too long to read through.

Sunday, 11/22 - hmm.

Monday, 11/23 - uhhh.

Tuesday, 11/24 - well...

Wednesday, 11/25
- Finally! Night before Thanksgiving, things are always getting down. Take your pick between catching Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (who, criminally, are only openers in this show, for Californian Brett Dennen) at House of Blues OR (and this is where I'll be) head Waterloo-way as the Beachland celebrates the fourth anniversary of that awesome little vintage and record boutique nestled in the venue's basement, This Way Out.

Not familiar? That's crazy - get familiar. Those of you that are familiar certainly have warm rememberances of that rare 12-inch you found or the killer vintage shirt that was just right for that lucky first date (or bang, depending how caught up you are in bourgeois social conventions). Over the years, I've scored my favorite summertime button-up, a stylin' aquamarine blazer emblazoned with a 1970s era Cleveland Athletic Club logo, and a smashing 3/4 length tan leather jacket with belt and lapels that I'm gonna pick up this morning when I finish this up and walk down to the Beachland to catch its awesome weekly Sunday brunch.

This year, the celebration includes performances by killer newcomers Founding Fathers, Lakewood stalwarts Dreadful Yawns, Prisoners, and The Alarm Clocks. All for $4! (Get it - 4th Anniversary, $4 at the door? Clever, eh?) Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30.

Thursday, 11/26 - Thanksgiving! I'll be volunteering. What about you? If you find yourself feeling guilty about all the good food while lonely CB is serving lunch to the homeless, feel free to pack a plate and deliver it latter. To me. Not the homeless. They already got served lunch.

Friday, 11/27 - Black Friday. I'll tell you what I won't be doing: shopping at the mall. Or anything remotely like a mall. If I do go shopping anywhere, it'd be the one-day Bazaar Bizarre in Larchmere. (Don't worry - this isn't the big, west-side event you loved so much last year. That one goes down December 12-13 at the 78th Street Studios.

Actually, on Black Friday, I'll be doing some more volunteer work. No, I didn't get pinched for something silly and get assigned community service - I really do have a heart this big. Why don't you? I mean, do something nice for somebody. Like me, for instance. I mean, shit, I'm doing all this great stuff this week - shouldn't I be scoring some big-time karma points?

Saturday, 11/28 - Ahh. The highlight of the week: Genghis Con. My boy John G. and a number of other intrepid supporters and practitioners of the indie comic/small press trade are gathering at the Beachland to hold a convention from noon to 6 pm. Even if this isn't quite your bag, stop in and see what some of the most interesting folks in Cleveland have been up to in their cave-like studios while you've been out doing your thing.

Later that night, Lakewood gallery The Pop Shop opens their True Value Vintage show, the Schwartz Brothers make a return to the Beachland stage, and mumblecore prince Andrew Bujalski's Beeswax screens at the CIA Cinematheque. Me, I'll be playing Lazer Tag to celebrate a pal's 150th birthday. I win.

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:
- 11/29 - CB Fave DJ Racecard (aka Mr. Lawrence Daniel Caswell) takes over the wheels of steel for today's Beachland Brunch
- 11/30 - Andrew Bujalski's Beeswax screens at CIA Cinematheque
- 12/1 - AA Bondy @ Akron Musica
- 12/2 - Amy Whitaker lecture @ The Lit (2570 Superior, Cleveland)
- 12/3 - El Vez @ Beachland
- 12/3 - Raiders of the Lost Ark Adaptation @ CIA Cinematheque
- 12/4 - Bridget Caswell/Sunia Boneham opening @ Low Life Gallery
- 12/4 - Community Shares benefit @ Beachland
- 12/5 - Holiday Art Bomb opens @ Shoparooni
- 12/5 - Liverpool screens @ CIA Cinematheque

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