Sunday, November 8, 2009

Contest final results

The contest to name my new pup ended and, I'm sorry to report, it ended with no clear winner. It was a toss-up down to the wire, even to the moment I informed the rescue organization what my final decision was. In the end, I went with Olivia, a name I came up with out of thin air while driving to work Friday morning, and which soon became short for Hurricane Olivia, borrowing from my pal Cookbook when she described the effect Miss Olivia will have on Smelly Ellie's currently mellow lifestyle once she moves in.

I feel sorta cheap not having a winner to the contest, especially considering the outpouring of comments and suggestions I received, so I'll do the next best thing. The name that had emerged as my top choice prior to being clipped by Olivia at the finish line was ... Clara. Actually, I was thinking of going with Clara Bug. Had things turned out that way, it would have been a tie between Rebecca and Traci. So, in the spirit of appreciation, integrity, and friendship, I'll be sending the prizes to both those two ladies. Thanks to those two and everyone else for participating, and for helping me name my new dog-ter. I'll post a photo of Smelly Ellie Mae and Hurricane Olivia together once I bring the junior partner home next Friday!

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