Friday, November 13, 2009

Are you ready for the November CB Show of the Month?

As I mentioned Monday, this month marks the first-ever Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Month event, a monthly promotional project between myself, John G., and the Beachland Ballroom. In a nutshell, the project involves me picking my favorite show of the month and working with John G and the Beachland to develop a poster that is both unique and band-appropriate. (You can see John G's first poster in this series below, and read about its artistic development here.)

The inaugural CB Show of the Month show features Norman, Oklahoma psych-rockers Evangelicals as the headliners, with opening efforts by Holiday Shores and Mother Country Madmen. As I promised on Monday, I'm gonna periodically drop new videos and informational tidbits concerning the show between now and Saturday, November 21st, just to keep your ears primed for awesomeness.

Today's contribution to that effort comes from the publicity folks at Dead Oceans. According to them, they recently sent an email to Josh Jones from Evangelicals asking for some inside dirt on their recent recording sessions as the band works towards a new LP in 2010. The label was hoping for a demo or outtake to share in a press release, to help promote the band’s upcoming November tour dates Instead of that detailed email, giving them the scoop on their brand new album, they got something else. The subject of the email said “From the Desk of Josh Jones…” and he attached the above photo, and linked to a youtube video, which might or might not contain audio from the forthcoming record soundtracking an acid fried video clip. That’s it.

Is that a true story? Who knows? I hope it is, though, because it is cool. Listening to the audio in the video (below), I can buy it. And I'm totally ready for 11/21.

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