Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Browns are LISTENING!

How many of you received this email from the Fan Squad honcho today? I'd filled out a survey about the Browns a while back, in hopes of getting to attend some hot dog and wing filled suite for a home game. It didn't happen that way - my fantasies rarely come true - but it was still kind of fun to do.

Anyway, here's what they came back to me with:

November 8, 2009

Dear Cleveland Bachelor -

Thank you for taking the time to complete our recent online questionnaire, and more importantly, thank you for your interest in participating in focus group discussions with the Cleveland Browns. We truly appreciate your commitment, feedback, and continued support.

After careful consideration and much deliberation with our research partner – Turnkey Intelligence – we selected a group of 100 fans to represent Browns fans as a whole. Participants were ticket holders of varying degree, former ticket holders, merchandise buyers, members of the Browns Backers Worldwide and parents of Browns Kids Club members. Over the course of the past few weeks, these fans participated in a series of nine, ninety minute focus group discussions aimed at making your experience with the Browns the best it can be. These focus groups were an important step for the Browns as an organization. They allowed us to hear thoughtful and candid feedback from a diverse group of fans and provided us the opportunity to share with them our passion for the team, one-on-one. We look forward to hosting similar groups in the near future.

Data from each discussion is currently being compiled and consolidated and will be thoroughly reviewed by the team, with an action plan to follow. We are excited to share our findings, as well as how we plan to address what our fans suggested to us here in the coming months.

As I mentioned to you in my previous correspondence, one of our top priorities remains our continued focus on maintaining a strong connection with our fans. We are also committed to providing our fans the best possible NFL game day experience. With that in mind, please remember that your feedback is welcome at any point in time, and can be shared with the Browns Fan Squad via We hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks once again and GO BROWNS!


Michael J. Keenan
President, Cleveland Browns

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