Saturday, November 28, 2009

Karma, Cleveland style

This week, I thought I'd really rung up some super karma points. I mean, I spent Tuesday night stuffing envelopes for a good cause, Thursday helping to serve meals for the homeless, and stood outside in the cold (and occasional rain) for five hours on Friday collecting gifts from gracious donors for the orphans and foster children of Cuyahoga County.

Trust me, a typical CB week doesn't look like this. Hell, a typical month doesn't look like this. (Or quarter. Or semester.) So I'm not trying to be all "who's the best person in Clevo" right now. I'm just saying, I think that this week I had some positive cosmic energy coming my way.

So what happens?

I stupidly decide to stop for a beer in Tremont to kill an hour between finishing my volunteer work (where, by the way, I stayed for two hours beyond my assigned time) and meeting up for a late Melt dinner with friends.

Tremont. Where karma apparently goes to die.

I type Tremont, you automatically think one thing, right? Yep, broken car windows. Well, two things. Broken car windows and cops that don't come when you call them.

That's what karma delivered to me. With a bow on top.

Actually, to be completely honest, my car window wasn't broken. The talented fellows who stole my stereo actually unzipped the back panel of my jeep to get in, rather than break the window as they did the other four cars in the street. To be honest, I can't quite think of why they didn't break it. Every scenario I turn around in my mind makes it more time-consuming and difficult for them to unzip rather than just break the window. So maybe that's my karma. I still get my stereo stolen, but I don't have to replace the window.

Whatever. Lesson learned. No more visits to Tremont. At least not in my own vehicle.


Anonymous said...

where did you get a drink and whereabouts did you park, CB? That's pretty crappy to hear. :(

(famous)jenny said...


maybe there is something about thanksgiving and car problems? a few years ago, i stayed up late on the friday after thanksgiving in order to decorate my first xmas tree in my very own apartment. apparently, while i was making myself merry with the holidays, someone decided to smash out my two front windows. nothing stolen, but still. what a sad sight to see saturday morning!

amanea said...

Last Tuesday, I was at work and had my window shattered and belongings stolen.

Yesterday, I came home from work to find my neighbor's car trunk open, his window shattered, and his stereo missing.

Someone is Christmas shopping already.