Saturday, November 28, 2009

The week ahead: 11/29-12/5 (The enjoying weather still in the 40s edition)

Defying the upcoming wintry odds, things get a little more active this week than they were last week. I mean, we still don't have a billion different things to do each day like we do in the heart of the summer, but we have at least one awesome thing to look forward to this week.

So read onward. In the meantime, I'm gonna stop over and check out today's Genghis Con event at the Beachland. It goes until 6, if you are interested.

Sunday, 11/29 - If I could hand-pick the man to spin the records at my wedding/divorce/funeral/holiday party/inauguration/whatever, it'd be Lawrence Daniel Caswell. Fortunately, we don't have to wait for such auspicious (or not) occasions. Instead, Caswell (aka DJ Racecard) will be manning the wheels of steel this Sunday morning and afternoon at the world-famous Beachland Brunch. So come on over, hear some great old soul, and enjoy the meal. If you are a newcomer, I have some advice for you: if you are thinking sweet, go with the french toast; savory, consider the deep-fried scrambled eggs. The sauce that goes with the latter is out of this world.

Monday, 11/30
- Today is your last chance to catch Andrew Bujalski's Beeswax on the big screen in Cleveland. Please don't deny yourself this wonderful cinema experience, no matter how guilty you feel about ruining Thanksgiving ... again.

Tuesday, 12/1 - Alabama/New York Fat Possum recording artist AA Bondy hits Akron Musica for a show. My brothers over at Citizen Dick love this album, and given my respect for their taste, the hike down to Rubber City will be more than worth your time. Check out the video below for a taste...

Wednesday, 12/2 - After a night rocking in Akron, you'll probably want to keep things a little more restrained and local, right? Fortunately for you, I got just the ticket: art-world expert Amy Whitaker will be talking about her new book, Museum Legs, at The Lit (2570 Superior). My friend Suzanne at Mac's Backs pressed a copy of this book into my hands my last visit there, and I'm glad she did. Whitaker manages to combine a rare objective wisdom with moments of pithy hilariousness as she examines the plight of modern museums and galleries: fatigue (aka 'museum legs'). This should be a fun yet intellectually stimulating event that will serve to introduce you to a valuable Cleveland cultural institution (The Lit) that you may be under-aware of as well as change the way you walk through that next gallery stop.

Thursday, 12/3 - Today is a day I've been looking forward to since the last Cinematheque schedule came out. That's because the wonderful and bizarre Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation screens at the hallowed east side cinematic institution.

The project of two young adolescents in the 1980s, a pair of friends eventually created a backyard shot-for-shot remake of the Harrison Ford classic. They acted, built sets, sewed costumes, scrounged props, performed stunts, and risked physical injury. They started production when they were 12 years old and worked on it for the next seven years! Eventually, even Steven Spielberg himself signed on as a fan of the film. Since then, the film has gone on to receive international acclaim and awe. Tonight, Cleveland, for the first time since early 2007, is your chance to catch this brilliance on the big screen.

Friday, 12/4 - Ready for a Waterloo Road two-fer? Good, cause I got one for you. Come on down to my hood for a delightful gallery opening at Low Life (featuring the photography of Bridget Caswell and the installation work of Sunia Boneham), and stay for a night of good music and good deeds when the Beachland Ballroom hosts a Community Shares fundraiser. Do your part to support art and social justice while simultaneously hoisting a few and hearing some solid tunes.

Saturday, 12/5 - With all the hubbub of the coming weekend, I'm gonna keep it simple.


Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:

- 12/9 - El Vez Christmas show at the Beachland
- 12/10 - Afternoon Naps at the Beachland
- 12/10 - Russian Circles/Young Widows at the Grog
- 12/10 - We Live In Public screening at CIA Cinematheque
- 12/11 - Asterisk holiday auction
- 12/11 - Beachland's Holiday Rockabilly Show
- 12/12 - Bazaar Bizarre on the west side

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There's also a whole lot of awesome going on at University Circle on 12/6...