Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Name this puppy contest!

Dear readers,

I've often turned to you in the past for advice on things and I've always valued the information I've received in return. So it is with great hope and optimism that I bring the following contest to you.

I'm getting a new puppy. Yep, Smelly Ellie is gonna get a little sister. She is an adorable one-year-old insanely energetic little puggle (i.e., pug/beagle mix) that I found through Becca Riker's wonderful Secondhand Mutt rescue operation.

Beautiful, right?

Here's the catch: The gorgeous gal above is named "Punkin."

Some of you might like it, some of you might not.

I don't.

But I can't think of anything else, and while she is still enjoying her time at the Mutt Hutt before I bring her home permanently, I'd like the awesome staff there to be able to start getting her used to her new name.

So, I come on bended knee to you, humbly seeking your assistance. The winner of the contest - that is, the person who either suggests the name I ultimately go with or the one that makes me then think of the one I ultimately go with - gets the following: a custom made mix-cd featuring my favorite tracks of 2009, a gift certificate to the Waterloo Road establishment of your choice, a photo Smelly Ellie & Puppy X together, and my eternal gratitude.

Cool? Then start making suggestions now! (FYI - You can send them in either via email to clevelandbachelorATgmail.com or in the comments section below.


thomas said...

rigby....that way ellie (i'm assuming Eleanor) has a Rigby...hehe get it.... tom/naps

Kerry said...

Penny. Or Josephine. She's got the cute but plain looks for a vintage name.

amanea said...

Mae or Bell (?).
Pearl (?) would keep the "P" sound that she is accustomed to by now.
Peggy, Petula, Presta.

Cookbook said...

How about Pepper, or Cleo?

Pearl is also a good suggestion -- it fits her.

Of course I like a ton of the suggestions people have been leaving on your Facebook too.

Chars said...

What a cute dog. Congrats!

Elphaba (Effie for short)- like the play character in Wicked

Gracie - she was saved by the grace and kindness of a rescue

Patina - NOT petunia, petina, it's the tarnish/aged/vintage look that gets on metal. With her cute black accents it would fit and allow her to keep the "p" she is used to.

CC said...

Oh my god, she is so flippin' cute! Congrats! When I look at her I see a "Pistol" whatever name you choose, she's still adorable!!!

sara snow said...

areona (air-e-on-a)
or lucky angel

Anonymous said...


Brandy said...

Scrappy all the way!!!

Tracey said...

She look's like a Maggie Mae to me.