Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcoming myself to Citizen Dick

Since Kevin over at Citizen Dick was kind enough to introduce me to their readers, I figured I'd do the same. If any of you folks are into indie rock, I strongly encourage you to check these guys out. Or, rather, check us out, now that I'm on the team.

In all sincerity, I'm really proud about being asked to write for this blog. I first came across it when the band sponsored a Cotton Jones in-store at Music Saves and have been a loyal reader of their lengthy, literate, and loving reviews.

They have a great ethos - that there are so many albums coming out each week there is no reason to slag anything. Instead of assigning points or ripping new releases by bands just getting their start, Citizen Dick only publishes posts on new music they love and think you might love, too. If an album gets a review on the site, that alone means it is great - the point of the review is to communicate why it is great in a why that is smart and engrossing.

Today is my first day over there and I have a couple of posts up already. The first is a review of the new album by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, a band out of LA that defies description (despite the fact that I gave a 1200 word effort at doing just that). Check the review out here, and definitely check the band out here.

The second post is a combo interview/album review/show review post concerning The Octopus Project, who totally rocked the Grog last night and who have their new EP (Golden Beds) schedule for release tomorrow. Check that post out here and that band out here.

Please keep checking out both blogs, as I'll still be posting my own weekly Album of the Week on Cleveland Bachelor, along with my 1-2 weekly posts at Citizen Dick. I also plan to keep doing all the things I've been doing here, from the Q&As with interesting local folks and exciting visitors to the Browns updates to the "what you should do next week" digests.

I'm excited at some of the new opportunities this blog has afforded me, both online and here at home in Cleveland, and hope you all stick around to see how things continue to take off!

See ya,



matt said...

I like the Citizen Dick guys, who I met at that same in-store. You and I were there together. Sigh.

But yeah, those Dicks make us dicks feel like we have a home.

God bless them.

CB said...

God I love you Matt.