Friday, July 10, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland

There is so much going on in town tonight, only the hatingest of the haters could claim Cleveland is boring. From the Tremont Artwalk on the west side to Asterisk at Ingenuity opening downtown to the Bask closing party at William Rupnik Gallery on the near east side, no matter where your urban geographic preference lies, there is something awesome close by for you to check out.

But I argue tonight's best bet - as is increasingly the case - can be found on Waterloo Road. There's gotta be as much going on there tonight as anywhere else, with an Art Riot-curated BBQ themed opening at Low Life, two shows at the Beachland (featuring a set from CB favorites, Heelsplitter), another live music set down at the Waterloo Cafe (ask for the Just In Buffalo Pita Melt), and fun times and madness spilling out of the other entities on the street, including the vintage toy boutique, Star Pop, which is currently in its soft opening stage.


kimberly said...

you're going to be at now that's class tomorrow?! me too... i would say we can be creeps and end up talking to each other about our cute beagles but probably not... it would be weird internet/real life reality... in any case you know what i look like (maybe from my blog) you feel like dog/cleveland chatting... i will be there

Avenue Cleveland said...

"only the hatingest of the haters could claim Cleveland is boring"

Lol, Effing Hilarious! (Im stealing this!)

Also for the subdued adventurers... Check out Shaker Square. They, along with Sergios SARAVA are having Carnaval!

Live Brazilian digs from 6-9pm and then the partae begins! Closing time 2am.

So to the haters, stay home and wallow. Hell, The New York Times think we're pretty kewl. Even though its nice to be featured, those of us who already know dont need the justification....