Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Knife at Blue Arrow

Speaking of awesome music going on this Thursday, I've been checking out the Chicago band Big Knife on the recommendation of Blue Arrow Pete and I really dig them. Heavier and sludgier than I usually like, there is something edgy, enlightened, and humorous about them, and the guitar jams with a litheness that is sometimes unexpected. (I also love that their myspace link name is "/bigfuckingknife" - I'm so childish sometimes.)

Big Knife are playing a FREE set at Blue Arrow on Thursday as they make their way on tour from Brooklyn to gigs in Michigan and Milwaukee, and the gig starts at 6:30, which would leave you PLENTY of time to get over to the Grog Shop afterward for the Yeasayer/Ponytail/Unsparing Sea show that night.

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