Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silly Bachelor - stop messing with chicks!

Lately, Cleveland Bachelor's postings have been almost all business. Don't get me wrong, I am STOKED about the great interviews I've been doing with locals and visitors alike, and really dig the regularity of my Browns posts, Albums of the Week, and Saturday looks ahead. However, every so often I feel required to remind you just how screwed up things can (and always seem to) get here on the domestic side of CB HQ, so here's the latest update.

Yesterday, I had what I thought was a really shitty day, and was well into another one when I got a call from my best friend and we exchanged what we'd been up to the last couple of days. I soon realized, as I was telling him about my allegedly shitty day, that things weren't so bad. After all, I slept in, recorded a radio interview about my area of expertise, met up with a new pal about a very exciting new venture I'm getting down with (more to be announced on that very soon), killed an hour in one of my favorite indie bookstores in the country, and then had an absolutely fabulous drink with another friend at the Velvet Tango Room before heading home for a dinner of cold pizza and snuggles with my pup.

Shitty day? No way. Today my phone kept ringing with friends telling jokes and others offering even more great opportunities. Yet I stayed dour throughout.

Then I decided, in true Obama fashion (maybe it was because he was so close today), "Enough!"

I said to myself, you want to be gangster, you gotta act gangster, right? Doesn't matter what gangster, whether we are talking Suge Knight or Steve Miller Band, the principle holds.

So I'm back, and more committed to the chickless lifestyle I'd temporarily and unwisely abandoned these last couple weeks that led to the mood downturn in the first place. (Not to mention the small hole in my pocket. Between my screw-up siblings and dating, the gas company is never gonna get paid!)

And now, off to have beers with a pal in a place with no liquor license (cause I don't give anything remotely resembling a fuck - see? Gangster. Told you so) and get ready for a weekend of work and rock.


Bridget Callahan said...

I don't think I've ever heard the Steve Miller band referred to as gangster.

Speaking of things non-chick related - I've finished that book twice now. You wanna talk about it at some point?

CB said...

Uh, about that ... I'm dropping out of that particular group.

You might want to email the Republicans and see when they want to, though.

Oh, and the Steve Miller comment was a reference to the "gangster of love" lyric.