Friday, July 24, 2009

Cleveland+ Plain Dealer

Seem like a typo up there in the title of this post? Nope, it isn't. Apparently the PD is using its collective genius to sell out the city of Cleveland. The scoop can be found here, but the gist is that they recently started an ad pitch (and allegedly suspended, but who really knows about that) geared toward getting suburban cities to recruit Cleveland public servants that are no longer bound by residency requirements to relocate to the burbs.

Sure, some of this is going to happen naturally, but did the PD really need to try to speed it up AND make a buck on it?

Ugh. The PD is the Detroit of newspapers. I wish it would hurry up and go down the tubes. We wouldn't lose anything by way of reportage and then the moron commenters would lose one more place to spread their buffoonery.

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Christine said...

I'm probably a sentimental old dinosaur (or a "PastRat", according to the word verification...hmm) but I don't want to see Cleveland lose its newspaper. I've lived in much smaller places and seen some MUCH worse small-town newspapers.

Although I've already publicly expressed my displeasure and been robo-apologized to, I'm still really flabbergasted that this sales rep would have thought this avenue was even remotely acceptable, and in such insulting language, to boot.