Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland

Once again, lots of options from which to choose, but the smartest of the smart money is on tonight's Grog Shop show (that's two in a row folks). Last night's Jason Lytle gig was a treat - the sound was intimate and casual, and Lytle and his band mixed in as many Grandaddy tunes as they did tracks from his recent solo release, Yours Truly, the Commuter.

Tonight's line-up promises more of the same (read: awesomeness), but times three! Local heroes Unsparing Sea open, followed by critically acclaimed Baltimore art-rockers Ponytail (check out our Q&A with Ponytail's guitarist here), and eventually culminating in the headlining set by Yeasayer. The various dribbles of information I have heard about the show that we are in store for make it sound awesome. I'm hopeful that this one will finally provide a rival contestant with Phosphorescent's Beachland Tavern show earlier in the year for best show of 2009. There's a good chance it will, at any rate.

Come by early and check out the final Coventry Street Fest of the summer from 6-9, or stick around late after the show for a special Yeasayer-DJ'd birthday after-party in honor of the 5th anniversary of Music Saves. In the meantime, here is some video action to whet your appetite and ruin your workday productivity.

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