Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scenes from a birthday party

As most of you know (and more of you should know), Cleveland indie rock landmark Music Saves recently turned 5. As is our cultural tendency to do, the proud parents - Kevin Neudecker and Melanie Hershberger - threw a bash to celebrate their happy offspring's matriculation from toddler to full-on kid.

Actually, they threw a series of bashes, from a DJ party at the Grog Shop last week (with Yeasayer at the helm) and another one last night at the Beachland (with The Veils picking the tunes), and in between found time to fly Brent Knopf from Menomena into town to play a one-off in-store for the store's customers and fans. For Free. Over beer. And donuts. How cool is that?

Better yet, this was Knopf's first public performance as Ramona Falls ... ever. That's right - we at CB HQ bring you not only the news you need, but also history. Here's a little photojournalism (aka iphone-snapped fuzzy pics) to feast your eyes upon.

If you feel bad that you missed it, well, you should. But don't sulk for long, as an album is due out soon and Brent will be back in Cleveland (with three dudes backing him this time) on September 12th with a gig at the Beachland Tavern.

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