Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Week ahead, 7/19-7/25

Another week in the record books, and what a wild one it was. This past week was one of the most intense, sleep-deprived, live music enriched, (mostly) highs & (some) lows weeks that I've had for a long time. In many ways it was awesome, though I'm glad for a couple of days of quiet and reflection.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, this being Cleveland in the summertime, there will be no shortage of awesome things to do this week. I was talking with a friend the other day about how there are so many completely wonderful things to do this summer that I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and see put forward the following brilliant yet simple explanation: weather here is so harsh from November to May that creative types and the businesses and organizations that give them the space to do their thing have to cram as much as they can into the summer. Of course, she said it a whole lot better than that, but I'm miserable at remembering things.

Sunday, 7/19 - Get the week started off right with brunch at the Beachland. CB good buddy Dave Desimone is the featured DJ, and in celebration he brings us DJ Dave's Pajama Party. If you are still hungry after that or looking for some action in the early evening, check out the Taste of Tremont, going down from 1-8 PM in that commercial district (of sorts) that glides along Professor Ave.

Monday, 7/20 - Once again, it is the Cleveland Cinema's 3rd Monday celebration, with reduced movie ticket AND beer prices. Take advantage and check out something that just got into the theater or something that might be leaving soon. Check out what is now showing here.

Tuesday, 7/21 - Nothing really to report, as usual for Tuesdays. Insert inappropriate/redundant/lame sex joke here.

Wednesday, 7/22 - Today is a very exciting day for CB HQ, with the free Akron/Family show at the Rock Hall. Despite my best intentions, I never made it out to the Man Man/Mystery of Two show a couple weeks back, but as interesting as Man Man might be, Akron/Family takes it to a different level for me. Check out the CB Album of the Week post on the band's latest release (Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free) here and see this page for more information on Wednesday's free show.

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If live music isn't your cup of tea, MOCA is also having a really interesting event. Re-weaving the Neighborhood Fabric is an open public discussion about how art and institutions can play a role in revitalizing Cleveland's neighborhoods. The program begins at 630, but show up early and take some time to check out the current exibition. I've not yet been, but folks report that it is pretty good this time around.

Thursday, 7/23 - A rarity for this Cleveland summer, but as of now I have nothing to suggest for Thursday. I suggest you follow my lead, which will be to have a quiet evening at home to rest up for a weekend of madness.

Friday, 7/24 - The madness begins. So many options this night. First, as the culminating event of their 5th store anniversary celebration, Team Music Saves brings us a very special in-store performance by Brent Knopf from Menomena, who will be performing songs from his upcoming solo effort, Ramona Falls. After the in-store, folks are welcome to stay on Waterloo and hop down to the Beachland for a much-touted performance by The Veils and Foreign Born. After the show, the folks in The Veils will be DJing a final birthday dance party in honor of Music Saves.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay on or return to the west side, there are a couple great options. First, check out The Very Knees and Brooklyn's The Library Is On Fire at Now That's Class. Or, and this is the CB-endorsed choice of the night, check out Afternoon Naps at bela dubby. The Naps will be playing with Seattle's Iji (which includes members of the Naps HHBTM label-mates, Patience Please) and Santa Barbara's Watercolor Paintings.

Saturday, 7/25 - More fantastic options are available for you to exploit on Saturday, including the long-awaited Melt Christmas in July event. Solve your ironic film-going needs by catching a final screening of Tommy Wiseau's so bad it's awesome "The Room" or get your hard rock wishes fulfilled by the double-barrel action of Austin's Lions sharing the stage with The Hot Rails. If you decide that you need film AND rock on this evening, catch the Beachland's Rock and Roll Film Night, where they'll be screening two rock docs, "We Fun" (about Mastodon, Deer Hunter, and the Black Lips) and "Two Headed Cow" (about seminal North Carolina rockabilly band Flat Duo Jets).

Other stuff to keep your eye on the following week:

- 7/26 - Cleveland Food Rocks Rock and Roll BBQ
- 7/28 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs at House of Blues
- 7/30 - BBQ party and Founding Fathers/Casual Encounters in-store at Blue Arrow Records
- 7/31 - Presidents of the United States with Leia Alligator's Picklefight! at Grog Shop
- 7/31 - Thrown: The Art of Yo-Yos in the Shoparooni Annex
- 8/1 - Zee Avi at the Beachland
- 8/2 - The Horse's Ha at the Beachland

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