Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland

There are some dudes that can just do anything. Steve Brown is one of them. Former yo-yo world champion and U.S. patent holder, dude has his own video game and everything!

Lately, Brown has turned his professional attention toward art and, in doing so, has created a novel institution - the roving gallery.

TONIGHT you can check out the first major presentation of the Steve Brown Gallery, which is an exhibit dubbed "Draw! Shoot!" According to Brown, the multi-media show - which includes illustration, painting, silk screening, AND photography - is "an exhibition of the odd, whimsical, poignant, and flat-out wonderful works."

The artists involved are local talents Ben Haehn (a CB favorite) and Trelawney O'Brien, as well as Columbus illustrator Robb Hare. Stop by 1300/Third Gallery at 1300 W. 78th Street tonight from 7 PM to midnight!

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