Friday, July 10, 2009

Straight from the Crate now Straight to the Internets

For those of you that missed Keith Corcoran's Straight from the Crate exhibit opening late last month at the Shoparooni's Annex Gallery, modern technology has now made it possible for you to check out its awesomeness from the comfort of your own desk chair (or wherever it is where you surf the net).

The exhibit featured repurposed used vinyl records that more than three dozen participating artists - from LA, NYC, Australia and here at home in Clevo - transformed to fit their artistic vision. Check out more information about the exhibit here.

Better yet, given the insanely reasonable prices - Cleveland artists apparently have low self esteem when it comes to pricing their work - you can score a really interesting piece or two for your own home ... without actually leaving it! Check out this link here for an online gallery and pricing information.

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