Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Live Music Tonight: Man Man vs The Fiery Furnaces

Big choice for indie rockers in Cleveland this evening. Either check out Philly-based avant garde experi-wackos Man Man (with Mystery of Two) at the Rock Hall for FREE or well-traveled indie garage popsters The Fiery Furnaces (with Good Touch Bad Touch) at the Grog Shop.

OPTION 1: Man Man

OPTION 2: The Fiery Furnaces

CB Verdict: Go see Man Man at the Rock Hall. First off, Man Man rulez. Second, the show is FREE. Third, The Fiery Furnaces recently posted a fan letter from Cleveland on their website, which was very sweet, but had to be dicks and post a photo of dilapidated abandoned houses as their chosen visualization of our fair city. They titled the post with said image "Tribute to Cleveland" - irony or no, I still call dick move on the brother-sister duo.

See ya at the Rock Hall!

PS - Fear not, there are SEVERAL great reasons to check out the Grog next week ... stay tuned!

UPDATE: Technically, you could see both these excellent shows, since the Rock Hall performances start early, at 7, and the Grog is hosting two full shows tonight, with the Fiery Furnaces/Good Touch Bad Touch show not kicking off until tonight. Still, if you have to pick one, the CB HQ endorsement goes to this one...

(Kudos to CB fave John G. for the stellar artwork above. I totally dig his work, especially the poster he designed for our party last month, but this Man Man/Mystery of Two poster is among his best yet.)

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