Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tonight in Cleveland - July 18th edition

The last attendee of the "Draw! Shoot!" opening plugged here last week had barely got out the door before Steve Brown Gallery is back to bring the Cleveland masses another show. This one - titled "Here and Now" - features the work of several different artists and, like "Draw! Shoot!" - there is a diversity of style and media between the artists represented.

Brown still hasn't put on a show with a clear central theme, but he has managed to bring the work of solid artists to places not always on the default map for the various art walks around town. This evening, "Here and Now" will be presented at Brigade (1785 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights), a high-style boutique for both genders, run by some of the coolest dudes in the city. If you haven't been in Brigade before, the store has this great vibe with incredible detail on even the most mundane parts of the retail infrastructure (i.e., the dressing rooms, the display rods, etc.).

"Riding with Ravens" by Claire Mojher
Ink via bamboo quill, pastel, paint thinner, charcoal, acrylic on paper

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