Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Other non-music shit to do

For those of you not inclined to blow eardrums, there are also a ton of fun things going on between now and Labor Day to consider.

The list below isn't as extensive as my show list, but should help fill the hours when you should be doing something else, something far more productive.

7/24 - Interesting documentary about Cleveland showing in Dively Auditorium @ the Urban Affairs school @ CSU
7/25-27 - Ingenuity Fest AND Christmas in July at Beer Engine in Lakewood
7/28 - free screening of Shock and Awful @ Visible Voice
7/31 - Happy Hour w/ County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones @ Bier Markt
8/1 - Browns Family Night (general admission seats are $5)
8/2 - Waterloo Arts Festival AND Lakewood Art Fst
8/6 - cancer fundraiser @ Bar Cento
8/7 - last Coventry fest of the summer
8/8 - Tremont Artwalk
8/9 - Great Lakes Burning River Fest @ Nautica Entertainment Complex
8/13 - promising poetry reading @ Mac's Backs
8/14-17 - Little Italy Feast of the Assumption
8/23 - St George Shish Kabob fest in Tremont (24th, too) AND Burning River Roller Derby Championship AND Slavic Village Harvest Festival
8/24 - Rockerfeller Park Walk + Roll
8/29-31 - Taste of Cleveland (through Sept 1) and St Cantius Polish Fest in Tremont
8/30 - Last chance of the summer to take the Veteran's Memorial Bridge Tour
9/1 - Peace Party @ Willard Park


T said...

8/23 is actually the Burning River Roller Girls' championship for the home teams to see who wins the Hazard Cup. 9/13 is the Burning River All-Stars game against Ft. Wayne. Thank you for blogging about us! :)

CB said...

Oh. Thanks for the info!