Thursday, July 17, 2008

How's the tat?

The title of this post alludes to a text message I received a little while ago.

As I think I've mentioned in this blog a time or two, I've been pondering with some seriousness the idea of getting a tattoo for a while now.

Today I took the plunge.

Actually, I guess I took the plunge a few weeks ago when I had the consult and made the appointment. Today I just followed through with said plunging.

What I went with was based on Daniel Johnston's semi-famous mural at the record exchange in Austin, TX. I've long enjoyed Johnston's music and appreciated his outsider art, and even had the opportunity to interview him once (in his living room, sharing generic orange soda and menthol cigarettes) for some on-the-side journalism I did to help pay the bills in grad school. That was a morning among mornings in my own mental scrapbook.

Anyway, I had the work done by Natalie at Voodoo Monkey. It was really an enjoyable experience. She's super professional and also super charming, and despite my ordinary low tolerance for pain, it wasn't all that bad. Just sorta irritating, as she described it would be before we got started. Before I knew it, she was through.

I got it on my right inner fore-arm, and it is technically upside-down. Natalie pointed this out when I told her how I wanted the stencil positioned, but I said the tattoo was more for me than for anyone else to check out. So, right now, as I type this, I can look down on it and it looks like a reasonably happy frog looking back at me, though when I walk down the street passers-by see something else entirely different.

I'll post a picture one of these days, but till then, here is a pretty decent mock-up of what I got:

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