Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Tradition

So I was skimming the topics of my last several posts and, well, they are mostly kind of grumpy.

That happens, I suppose, but it doesn't exactly make me happy.

So, borrowing from my lady-friend's dinner-time tradition and from the apparently deleted Happy Scribe blog (Where'd you go, friend?), I'm going to try to include a "best thing of the day" factoid somewhere in every post I do from now on.

Or until I forget to do it.

Or until I think it is stupid.

But for now, I'm gonna do it.

Today's best moment: a tie between the cheerful wave I received from the counter-lady at Just Like Mom's (a tasty little soul food place downtown) and that little peek of light green in my mailbox, indicating a reimbursement check from work had found its way home.


Christine said...

You might like Three Beautiful Things - Clare has done this every day for the last four years!

The Scribe said...

I'm around. :) Family tragedy made it difficult to post three happy things daily, so I'm reverting back to MY grumpy blogging ways for now. It's way more difficult to be happy, that's for sure.

I second the Three Beautiful Things suggestion. Very sweet blog - it inspired the daily trinity. :)

I'm enjoying the music posts and suggestions immensely - we live very close to the Grog and have NEVER BEEN INSIDE. Need to remedy that!

CB said...

Hey Scribe,

I'm sorry to hear about the family tragedy. Please let me know when you are up and blogging again, I always enjoyed your posts.