Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Favorite Lunch Place

Let me say first that I am super super sad that Dish has seemingly fallen victim to the changing business climate on W 25th, particularly what another nearby business owner has referred to as the bus stop people that never quite get on the bus. The cops never quite get around to helping out with the situation, but all this is beyond the scope of this post.

I used to love going to Dish for a nice lunch on those days I stayed home to work. Since it stopped serving in the restaurant I've been stymied on where to go, and find myself driving over to Melt in Lakewood more often than not.

But this week, this week everything changed. And that's because I went over to Villa y Zapata.

I've been meaning to go over there for quite some time, but either forget or decide to go on Thursday, always remembering at the last minute that it is "Los Villanos" male dance revue night. I'm sure the fellas in "Los Villanos" are quite talented, but I'm not exactly looking to watch guys named "Triple Cream" and "Dr. Thick" or whatever the names are. Something like that, but not exactly. Anyway, you can find out the clever names yourself - there are signs on the table-tops. Or you could experience the dancing yourself.

Anyway, point is I don't go there for the dancing. Ever.

I go there for the crispy quesadillas. They are sooooo good. You should go get one (or five).


Christine said...

I'm really glad you finally went over there. It's cheap, filling, and good. Go there often! I'm afraid they won't stick around either.

Oh, and btw, OCNW is working with RTA to move that bus stop. You would know this if you came to block club meetings. :)

taawd said...

we have to get a blogger night going at glbc or bier markt.

btw, men aren't welcome on the male review night so hopefully if you forget what day it is, they'll turn you away.

i totally agree what you say about the bus stop where people never get on the bus. i've been saying we need another location where the bus can stop down on the west bank for months since i moved down here. i don't quite feel safe boarding the bus on W. 25th or Washington over by the Lakeview "estates".

CB said...

Taawd - I am with you on the blogger thing. Especially for those bloggers that aren't super serious about it, I'm pretty sure Brewed Fresh Daily references a semi-frequent blog thing, but that always strikes me as more of a professional networking thing than I would be interested in. Anyway, I deputize you to deputize someone else to get this thing going. My only request: we don't go to the Warehouse district.