Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Movie Recommendation #3

I went to see Mongol at the Cedar-Lee yesterday.

You should go see it, too.

It is an absolutely beautiful movie, breath-taking in scope. All the more so once you realize the artistic effort that went into it, spanning numerous countries, ethnicities, and - probably most difficult of all - arts grant funding organizations.

I'm trying very hard to avoid superlatives here, which should tell you something.

If you go, you should probably do it this week or the next, as I doubt it'll be at the theater much longer. And if you do check it out this week or the next, you should also go grab a burger and a beer at the semi-recently reopened Pub on Lee (2191 Lee Road, just a few doors down from the theater). New ownership, new vibe, and a cool ownership team that is really trying to do something. Help them out. I plan to keep doing so.

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The Scribe said...

Awesome - been craving an epic. :)

(here now -- not exactly the daily trinity, but am trying to be happy via pretty colors --