Sunday, July 27, 2008

laid back

Not a lot to report today, a pretty laid back Sunday.

Slept in, dealt with some emails, took a shower, then took the train downtown to check out Ingenuity Fest again. I had a free weekend pass and felt like doing something, so I did that.

It was sorta lame. Actually, I'm pretty conflicted about Ingenuity Fest. I think I'll blog specifically about that tomorrow.

For now, I'll just say that afterward I walked back to Tower City and caught the 6:30 showing of The Dark Night.

It is really good.

As every other person in the world probably said, it makes me sad (again) that Heath Ledger is dead. He was a talented guy. I remember when I first noticed his talent, back in A Knight's Tale.

After the flick, I came home, fed the dog, and started typing this. Now I'm gonna take her out for a constitutional, throw something in the dvd and fall asleep on my loveseat/nature preserve.

Moment of the day:

Once again, a tie. On my way home, it seemed like Moment #1 had a lock. Moment #1 occurred about 6:15, in the Tower City food court. I was hungry, but not for theater popcorn and candy, and was super bummed to find out that all of the eateries were closed up. All but my new best friends at Shanghai Joe's. As I was resigning myself to the fact that I was gonna have to watch the film hungry, I hear an Asian dude shouting "three dollar box" repeatedly. I follow the call, and find myself in front of their counter, where the dude keeps shouting, an older dude looks on in an approving manner, and a woman shows me what is in each of the boxes like she's Vanna White. Turns out, if you want cheap eats, hit this place right about closing time when they sell off the left-overs at cut rates. I went with a box of sesame chicken, scarfed about 1/3 of it, tossed the rest in the garbage and made it to the flick just in time.

Like I said, I thought that would be the moment of the day, but as I was walking home, walking past Bar Cento toward my apartment building, I see a trio of young thugs riding bikes. This isn't unusual. What was unusual was that two of them were sharing a bright shiny red tandem bike, like vintage style.

When was the last time you saw thugs on a tandem bike?

I mean, thugs are pretty macho. Scratch that, thugs are very concerned with maintaining a macho image. Drive-bys are about as cowardly an act of violence as one can perpetrate, so I don't think we should be confusing bangers and Audie Murphy.

Last I checked, sharing a tandem with your partner in crime was not macho. Sure, it may be functional. It may be cost-effective. It may even be helpful in executing one of the afore-mentioned drive-bys, with one rider peddling/steering and the other focused on the shooting part.

But it is not tough. And as a comedian I once watched once said, there can be no pause in your gangster.

I don't think "pause" was the word he said, but I'm tired and it gets the point across.

And there you have my two moments of the day. Cut-rate food court Chinese appearing out of the ether just when it was most needed and two thugs on a bright and shiny tandem bicycle.

Let's see what tomorrow brings us.


taawd said...

i have so many comments about your post, i had to open it up in another tab to remember.

1.) i think sometimes my blog turns into more of a rundown of the day (think diary) than witty observations about one subject. i prefer the "this is my life" way. i'm glad to see a similar post.

2.) I feel ya about Ingenuity Fest. I went on Friday night. It was certainly interesting. I saw the Mayor walking up the street and wondered what he was wondering about the annual festival. I'll wait on your post to comment further.

3.) I haven't seen "The Dark Knight" but I may take your advice and see it at Tower City. I just wonder about security and safety. Your thoughts?

4.) The thugs may have stumbled across a new way to do business. Who knows, it could catch on around the nation. You will have written about it first, my friend.

We have to get Alexa to get all of the Cleveland bloggers together or maybe I'll start up the effort. I'm still looking for a spot on your bloglist. Was that just blatant solicitation?

Have a good week.

CB said...

Hey Taawd,

Thanks for the comment. I'll respond in kind.
1) Yeah, some folks are much better than me at being targeted, but I really prefer the "log in and write about what you feel like" approach. That ends up being boring chronologies of my weekend more often than not, but it is also a way for me to go back and read about stuff I did or how I thought or felt about things when they were fresher. Anyway, glad you like the style.

2) Ingenuity fest. Yeah, it was interesting. I also think it is a festival in search of an identity and/or core audience, and that shouldn't be a problem after three or four years. I'll post more about this later, maybe this afternoon.

3) GO SEE THE DARK KNIGHT. However, if you haven't already seen Batman Begins, rent it first. If you are a real geek (like me), you should also watch the other ones, too, to get a handle on how different this one is. Anyway, Batman Begins is definite mandatory viewing before you see this one, followed by the Michael Keaton batman and the George Clooney batman and the Val Kilmer batman.

As for security, Tower City is safe, especially after last fall's "family friendly" crack down. However, it is also filthy. I only go there if it is on a whim coming home from something or, more often, because something is only playing at Tower City and is schedule to leave at the end of the week. You are much better off going to Shaker Square -- and if you do, check out the basement where the bathrooms are, I think that space is so cool. But I'm weird.

4) If you can find a way to turn my prescience re: bike-by violence into money in my bank account, I'm all ears. :)

5) Yeah, I like the idea of a blogger get-together. Maybe over at Bar Cento one night, since that's Chef Widow's home territory (and since they have such good drinks). Definitely have Alexa be in charge.

6) You are on the blogroll. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.