Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hola folks,

So I realized I already failed in my attempt to end my blog posts with moments of the day.

To make up, here's a few from the last few days.

1) Attending this afternoon's businessman's special at Progressive Field, my friend and I see a cute dark-haired young woman, clearly Italian, a bartendress, and in need of lots of attention. We begin to create a fictional universe for her that includes being Sal Fasano's daughter, staring in a reality TV program about her family life, trying to flirt with Grady Sizemore enough to get him beat up by her dad, and much more. Of course, we decided her name was Gina. It just fit.

2) Thoroughly convincing myself that sitting in the hot sun for 7/9 of the game (thank you late inning cloud movement) and drinking beer is the same thing as working. I seriously felt like I had been working. I don't know how construction workers do it.

3) Enjoying a nice fun afternoon in my friend and his wife's backyard, watching our dogs run around. Relaxing, and said wife kept coming back to the table with course after course of grilled delicacies. Nice!

Now I'm in for the night, at least till I get hungry and decide cold cuts aren't appealing. Other than that, I'm looking forward to picking up my drycleaning tomorrow, checking out the cool Massachusetts bands at bela dubby tomorrow evening, and the Waterloo Arts Festival all day Saturday, with a Whiskey Daredevils show to close the night. Sunday will be about resting, I imagine.

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