Saturday, July 19, 2008

Noise Update, Pt 2

Cleveland cops are fast!

At least this one time.

The dudes have already been silenced and appear to be grumpily unplugging and packing up.

Had douchebag not been such a bad fellow citizen, they'd probably still be jamming at a somewhat lower decibel level.

I guess they probably feel a lot like I did during college keggers, when the cops showed up to end the party.

As for me, I still feel guilty.


Kerry said...

I'm surprised the cops showed. But good for you!

taawd said...

you should not feel guilty. it wasn't like you just called the cops from the start. you went through the proper channels by talking to loud noise dude first. when he didn't give you any satisfaction, you took the next step you needed to.

cleveland would be a little better off if more residents got involved and made a difference in their city.

Stephanie said...

It's sad his last night in the store after 30 years ended that way.

CB said...

It is particularly sad he had to leave the neighborhood in a manner that effectively amounted to flipping off everyone still here.

Since I posted these, I've had a few conversations with fellow residents, all very conflicted between sympathy for the owner and their own peace. For those out there pitying the poor store owner, consider the damage his loud music did to business in nearby restaurants and shops.

It couldn't have been very pleasant having (or serving) lunch at Nate's or Phnom Penh that day. It couldn't have been very fun to shop (or make sales) at Something Different or the vintage boutique or the furniture store or to work at the union printing shop. It couldn't have been very enjoyable for families trying to experience the neighborhood to hear vulgar stand-up from George Carlin blaring at windowpane-rattling (literally) decibels.

Or did these folks all deserve it because one guy's business went belly-up. As much as I sympathize with the guy's loss and regret not having a bookstore across the street anymore, his grief doesn't give him the right to hassle others.