Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Come on, Thomas!

After finishing up my last post, I went to my email and read the most recent Cool Cleveland newsletter.

Tucked inside, I see a link saying something about something cool from the folks at Lucky's, with a link that took you to the Vine and Bean's website, which if you recall is the place that had me screaming about my sub-par, $45 breakfast.

This is exactly the kind of bull-shit, lazy criticism I predicted would happen with this place.

"Ooh, Lucky's is good, the owner has a hyped-up rep, so I'm gonna say this place is really cool."

The place is not cool. Exceptionally over-priced food that is prepared elsewhere, with the bare minimum of service.

I expect this crap from the Plain Dealer, but you are supposed to have some credibility, Thomas.

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