Tuesday, July 22, 2008

music relief

As I mentioned in my last post, there are a number of promising shows coming up. Below is my list of everything I have on my horizon between now and Labor Day.

(Note to readers: if you think I missed anything, leave it in the comments section, along with a little description of why the band you are posting about is awesome, so that the rest of us can get turned on to them, cool?)

I've put down as many links as possible, so give a click to whatever looks interesting or falls on an empty calendar page in your day planner to see what's up.

The ones in BOLD are etched with serious ink in my own personal calender.

Word of warning: take a deep breath before you check out the events of Saturday, August 2nd - the sheer number of options will blow your mind...

7/22 - King Khan & the Shrines @ the Grog
7/23 - Film School/Jeremy Jay/JJ Magazine @ the Beachland OR Scarcity of Tanks/The New Lou Reeds/The Sic Alps @ Pat's in the Flats
7/25 - Extra Medium Pony/Brian Wheat @ Bela Dubby
7/26 - split pea/ce @ the Barking Spider OR Nina Simone's daughter @ Beachland
7/30 - Margo & the Nuclear So-and-Sos @ Beachland
8/1 - Whitey Morgan & the 78s @ the Town Fryer OR The Zookeepers/El Viaje @ bela dubby
8/2 - Matt & Kim/Muttering Retreats/Afternoon Naps @ Grog Shop OR Whiskey Daredevils @ Garage Bar OR Gogol Bordello @ House of Blues OR Weakerthans/State Bird @ Beachland Ballroom OR Mifune @ Brothers Lounge OR an all day/all night free fest @ Beachland Tavern feat. the Hot Rails/Clan of the Cave Bear/To Be a High Powered Executive/Mystery of Two/Celebrity Pilots/Miranda Sound/Thistle/Lost Revival. Pshew. This day is too daunting to even begin figuring out which one I most want to attend.
8/3 - Mates of State @ Grog
8/4 - Harry and the Potters/Math the Band @ Grog
8/6 - Gospel Gossip @ Now That's Class
8/8 - El Vez/Whiskey Daredevils @ Beachland OR Bodies of Water @ Grog OR Coffinberry @ Matinee OR Rachel's Secret Stache/French Horn Rebellion @ Musica (Akron)
8/9 - Mr. Gnome/JJ Magazine/Jakeway/Suede Brothers/Devil Moto @ Beachland (free)
8/13 - Expecting Rain/Dreadful Yawns @ Rock Hall (free)
8/15 - Royal Bangs/Oh No! Oh My! @ Beachland
8/20 - Teeth Mountain @ bela dubby
8/21 - Paleface @ Grog
8/22 - Times New Viking @ Beachland OR Bears @ Grog
8/29 - Silver Jews @ Beachland (I'm gonna be out of town - bummer!)
8/30 - DEVOtional@ Beachland (all day)

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