Saturday, August 9, 2008


What is going on? I mean, Bernie Mac just died, the mayor of Detroit spent some time in jail, a US tourist was killed at the Olympics, buses en route to church conventions are flipping, and - biggest deal of all - the Russians invaded Georgia!

I have a few friends in Georgia, as well as a soft spot in my geopolitical heart for the former Soviet state, as it has been one of the few places to stand up to the monstrosity of Putin and post-Yeltsin Russia. I heard on the radio as I was fading off to sleep last night that the Soviets, I mean Russians, had started shelling Tblisi, that they were targeting government buildings, that the Georgian president had declared marital law, and that tiny Georgia was doing its best to repel the attack, even though they stood not a chance against a small fleet of bombers and a convoy of 150 tanks.

Say what you will about John McCain, but he is the only one that seems to call this attack as it is: a massive act of violence which Russia is predominately responsible for. Obama merely called for both sides to step back, as did President Bush, who was too concerned about watching the Olympics and not offending China. I guess the days when "A Man Stands Up" are mostly gone in world politics, and especially American politics.

In any respect, my thoughts are with my Georgian friends - Lasha, Dato, and Tik0. I hope this awful nonsense ends soon for you, that you and your family don't suffer too badly, that all ends as well as can possibly be hoped. Good luck!

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hey, you're more than welcome anytime. the more the merrier. the whole thing get together came together (my inclusion) very last minute. i'll explain more later. there's another meet-up coming very soon my friend.