Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old Angle, Still Creepy

You might remember my late-June post about an incredibly creepy incident at the Old Angle tavern. If you don't, here's a quick recap: I was at the Old Angle with a female friend. She had to go to the restroom after a while and, when she went down there, was scared out of her mind by finding a guy (later revealed to be an Old Angle employee) hiding in the women's restroom, ostensibly peeping. (Some have criticized or disputed this peeping conclusion of mine, but in the absence of any other explanation offered to me on what dude was doing hiding in the ladies room, what alternative conclusion should be drawn?)

This post of mine got a good bit of attention, thanks to another blogger's email to the OCNW safety director, who in turn got in touch with the owner of the Old Angle. Eventually, I received an email that apologized for the incident, listed all the steps the place has taken to make it a more safe environment, and promised action to figure out why this employee was hiding in the restroom and to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Specifically, the owner promised that "In the meantime, I have contacted an electrician to install a light in the alcove in question - that should make it pretty hard for someone to try to conceal themselves there. I will keep you updated as events unfold, and please do not hesitate to contact me about this or any future concerns."

For the record, I have never heard another peep from this guy. Also, having beers there with a couple friends on Sunday, I learned that the aforementioned light in the alcove has not been installed. (Note: I didn't scope this out myself, as the alcove is in the women's restroom - the woman in our group went down there and told me about it. So it is possible a light had been installed, but was just not turned on. Which completely defeats the purpose.)

I'm left with the conclusion that the owner's main goal in responding to me was to avoid any more bad blog press. Once he accomplished that, he didn't follow through on anything else. No light in the alcove, the side entrance is still wide-open to anyone who might want to sneak into the place (though he justified this on the grounds that it makes life more convenient for customers and did not promise to change that), certainly no further communication to me.

So, boo Old Angle. I gave you chances. No more.

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sarahfinn77 said...

My friend suggested the Old Angle for dinner this weekend. I had never been there, so I googled it and stumbled upon your post. Guess where my friend and I (both female) are NOT going to dinner on Saturday! Thanks