Saturday, August 9, 2008

El Vez for Prez

El Vez for Prez?

El Vez for Prez, indeed.

Last night I went to see the El Vez spectacular at the Beachland. I knew it would be fun, I was aware of the costume changes, but somehow I underestimated the glory I would find.

I'd heard of El Vez before, but always as a Latino Elvis impersonator. (Here's something I didn't know: El Vez, in a previous professional life, was the frontman for The Zeros. Wow.)

That's not quite accurate. There are definitely some musical references, as well as some stage kicks and gaudy belt buckles, but that's about where the similarity ends. Instead, El Vez combines dozens of pop songs, changes the lyrics to enhance the political theme of his tour, and puts together a stage show singing and dancing spectacle.

I laughed so much, I did a little bit of a old man with bad knees shimmy, I had a great time. I can't wait till the next time he comes through, whether on his Christmas tour or gospel tour.

In the meantime, I have a great El Vez for Prez tour poster to hang next to my Captured! By Robots Bush tour poster in my office.

Moment of the day: Toss-up between El Vez's seamless back-and-forth between Marshall Tucker Band "Can't You See" and Oasis's "Wonderwall" quotes OR my friend's wife and her friend's stories about weekend lingerie pillow fights. You be the judge.

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